Dans le cadre du Forum de Paris pour la Paix, Mme Catherine Colonna, minister de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, partice à un évènement autour de l’Initiative International fund for public interest media (IFPIM), en présence de son co President Mark Thompson, a former BBC and New York Times executive. This fund, created last year at the Paris Forum, is dedicated to supporting independent media in difficulty, particularly in developing countries, and to supporting initiatives aimed at changing the economic environment in which they operate. independent media. The Minister announced the financial support of France to the activities of this fund, which decided to install in Paris. This choice of France attests to the engagement of our country and its diplomacy in favor of the freedom of the press and the independence of the media. The IFPIM fully joins the initiatives of the French diplomacy in favor of a world space of free, democratic and trustful information. The partnership between France and IFPIM rests also on the expertise that French operators and public media can bring to the activities of this Fund, particularly in the francophone area.

En suivi de l’initiative “Sauvetage des récoltes” launched by the President of the Republic during the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 23rd, the Minister will also reunite, lors d’un huis clos de travail, the European actors and africans, publics et privés, et les organization internationales engagés à réponder à la crise alimentaire provocée par l’aggression russe en Ukraine. The Minister will announce a contribution of 7.5 million euros to the operations of the World Food Program (PAM) to transport fertilizers to Africa.

The Minister s’entretiendra égamente en marge du Forum avec certains de ses homologues présents à Paris.

Mme Laurence Boone, Secretary of State for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of Europe, participates, for her part, in a session dedicated to energy security in Europe alongside Mme Anniken Huitfeldt, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. She will underline the importance of an effective European response to the energy crisis, protecting our companies and our citizens and being ambitious considering our climate objectives. L’échange se prolongera au cours d’un entretien bilateral avec Mme Anniken Huitfeldt.

The Secretary of State also supports the launch of the International Mobilization for the Observatory on Information and Democracy, a tool destined to develop a common vision on issues that are central to the functioning of our democracies. Mme Laurence Boone s’entretiendra sur ces sujets avec M. Christophe Deloire, Secrétaire général de Reporters Sans frontières et Président du Forum sur l’information et la démocratie.

Mme Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secretary of State for the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, responsible for development, francophonie and international partnerships, participates, as part of the Forum, in a session dedicated to global health and aux enjeux de regionalisation dans la cooperation sanitaire internationale. It will recall the commitment of France and the European Union to support the strengthening of health sovereignty in Africa, which is part of the continuity of engagements at the EU-UA Summit in February 2022. The Secretary of State is also organizing a dinner gathering global health leaders on prevention, response and pandemic preparedness.