• Disabled telecom operators
  • Microsoft is returning to political licenses in Europe
  • A demand for a raccoon at home
  • The key code: 2 to 3 hours of telecast
  • Practice: 5 tips for protecting your eyes
  • The row zoom: SIM card replacement

Disabled telecom operators

The last years, the most inspiring people of the day were also very careful about the quality of telecommunications services. It is also a great place to report in 2020, the Arcep says that 41% of the alerts are based on the quality of services and the SAV offer by the subscription operators.

In the majority, the alerts care about the quality of the fixed service. However, SFR fiber is an important element, the XpFibre branch is currently open to the attention of a single administrative agency in the field of telecommunications. Enfin, the recommendation remains at the center of criticism.

Microsoft is returning to political licenses in Europe

In response to the plusieurs plaintes, Microsoft exposes the “European Cloud Principles” and the changes that precede, a notice of unification of rules for European European Lorskwa cloud Microsoft Leur propre infrastructure.

Pour Rappel, the American government is one of the most important European cloud service providers, which has restrictive licensing policies: the consumers pay more than the executives of Microsoft’s logic in Cloud Outside environments.

A demand for a raccoon at home

Lors d’une attaque au ransomware, une Administration america a reçu la demande de rançon … dans son imprimante. In effect, the note was sent to a print and paper print, detailing an electronic and coordinated address.

This attack that was held in March 2022 was attributed to Cobalt Mirage, a group of Iranian pirates equal to the names of APT35, Charming Kitten, Phosphorus and TA453. Cyberattacks to use vulnerable ProxyShell to access the distance to system vulnerable vulnerable systems, as well as comments included in the bottom.

Key number: 2 to 3 TV hours

Selon le Conseil national de productivity, which was evaluated in a report on the performance of France pendant la Crise sanitaire, le télétravail pourrait avoir des effets positifs à long terme sur la productivity productivity.

In 2019, 4% of salary in accordance with the regulation of distance, against 27% in January 2021 and 80% d’entre eux souhaitent continued à télétravailler. 100% TV is not recommended for people who want to be able to communicate and reduce social interactions. The ideal, beside the council, is situated between two and three televised days.

Practice: 5 tips for protecting your eyes

With the TV and the distance, it is close to more than the time with the hairdressers. Here are some tips for protecting your eyes:

  • equipment of good material (and avoid the materials);
  • use an ANC case (and avoid the volume);
  • choose a team with a clear and quality;
  • break breaks;
  • utilisez des outils pour volume limiter.

Zoom de la rédac: padmena SIM

The “SIM Swapping”, or “SIM card exchange” in French, is a type of attack that works very well. Avec cette tehnika, des cyberattaquants ont pu aussi bien pirater des anonymes et vider leur compte bancaire que se connecter au compte du fondateur de Twitter pour publiar des messages racistes.

The SIM Swapping course is to recover a SIM card attribute to a subscriber to an operator. Et pour y parvenir, tous les moyens sont bons. For the victim, it is difficult to make a pirate type. Only solution to solve the problem: contact your operator, signal the attacker and make it possible to block the new SIM card obtenue by the pirates. Poorly, the whole can take a while.

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