Tokyo. The Shibuya district is full for Halloween. Detective Sato is in the middle of the sea in front of a parterre of invitations, dont Conan be sure! Soudain, an aggressor who made a mistake in the hall and Detective Takagi was blessed in the wake of Sato’s protege. He surfed to his aggression, but this attack was made by Sato, the souvenir of Detective Matsuda, who was in love with him, he was in the assassination attempt on the bomb in three years. At the moment, the perpetrator of these assassinations was taken out of prison. A coincidence? For the sake of his classmate, the detective Furuya alias Toru Amuro part in the search for a fugitive who loves to have a drink. Conan retrouve Amuro avec une bombe autour du cou dans un abri souterrain. Amuro lui raconte que 3 ans plus tôt, ses camarades de l’académie de polic ont rencontrà à Shibuya “Plamya”, un poseur de bombe. An inquisitive man on Conan and his friends. Carrefour des destins s’embrase, Halloween se transformed in an enraged parade!

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