The National Council of Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI) met today in an extraordinary plenary session under the presidency of Mme Chrysoula Zacharopoulou.

The CNDSI is the privileged and permanent forum for consultation between the main actors of development and the State on the objectives, orientations and means of the policy of solidary development and the fight against global inequalities. International solidarity, particularly in the direction of the health sector, adaptation to climate change and education, constitutes a priority for France, which is now the 4th global donor.

The Secretary of State will present to this case the report of the Presidential Council of Development (CPD) which was held on 5 May last year, as well as the prospects of the next Interministerial Committee of International Cooperation and Development (CICID). Sous l’impulsion du president de la République, des consultations seront menées avec l’ensemble des parties pretentes, visant à proposer une stratégie française d’investissement solidaire et durable. Les organizations de la société civile, which the Secretary of State welcomes the involvement in these works, will contribute ainsi à la reflection sur les priorités et moyens de mise en œuvre de cette politique.