Emanuel Macron gives the award to Abu Dhabi, President of the United States of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, where the seller is 73 years old, Alice announced.

Result: Prime Minister Jean Castex did not go to the Vatican as a presenter, the two executives of the executive did not believe in the territory of the country at the same time, but Matignon.

The head of the French state also said “exprimer son soutien à son frère le Prince héritier d’Abou Dabi, Cheikh Mohammed Ben Zayed Al-Nayane, ainsi qu’au reste de la famille et à tout le peuple a in émiriué” presidency.

Эмануэль Макрон s’est entretenu vendredi avec cheikh Mohammed, dit «MBZ», demi-frère du défunt.

Rarement to a public deputation of the AVC on January 2014, Cheikh Khalifa was reimbursed on behalf of the MBZ, which was considered as the de facto conductor of this royal oil monarchy.

Emanuel Macron paid a visit to the Emirates in December 2021, and allowed to visit the World Exposition in Dubai and could control the signatures of the pros, do not forget to record the Ra80 aircraft to record the Ra80 airline for the flight of chasse entré en service en 2004.

Emanuel Macron deuramises the Parisian smokescreen, to nominate the nomination of the Prime Minister of the new department, the scroll de celle du gouvernement, it is a visitor and a debut in the seed.