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The Secretary General of the Champs Elysees, Alexis Kohler, announced the composition of the new French government. Find out from the list of 17 ministers, 6 ministerial delegates and four secretaries of the State of Elizabeth Borne.

The composer du governement d’Elisabeth Borne a été devoilée vendredi, avec le maintien de poids lourds comme Bruno Le Maire et Gérald Darmanin, l’entrée de la chiraquienne Catherine Colonna aux Affaires élacation Papayeres et élacation National Papies.

Four days after the nomination of Elisabeth Borne to Matignon, the Secretary General of the Elysee, Alexis Kohler, to read the list of “the best team, with the best talents” that the novelist talents told the news er de ministry.

I have 27 members, not 13 women – 17 ministries, six ministries delegate, quatre secrétaires d’État. En voici la list.

The ministers

Bruno Le Mer, Minister of Economy, Finance and the Industrial and Numerical Government;

Gerald DarmaninMinister of the Interior;

Catherine the Column, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs;

Eric Dupont-Maretti, Sceaux Guard, Minister of Justice;

Amelie de Manchalin, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion;

Pope Ndiaye, Minister of National and Youth Education;

Sebastian Lecorne, Ministry of the Army;

Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health and Prevention;

Damien Abad, Minister of Solidarity, of Autonomy and of Persons with Disabilities;

Sylvie Retail, Minister of the Supreme Court and Recherche;

Mark Fesno, Minister of Agriculture and Southern Food;

Stanislas Gerini, Minister of Transformation and Public Function;

Yael Brown-Pivet, Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Rome Abdul Malak, Ministry of Culture;

Agnes Panye Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition;

Amelie Udeo-CusterMinistry of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic.

The delegated ministries

Prime Minister:

Olivier VeranChargé des Relations avec le Parlement et de la Vie democratique;

Isabella Rome, Chargée de l’Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes, de la Diversité et de l’Egalité des chanci.

Discussion of the Minister of Economy:

Gabriel Attalus, loading of public accounts.

Interpretation of the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Ecological Transition:

Christoph Bechu, loading of territorial collectivities.

Discussions of the Minister of Europe and the Foreign Affairs:

Frank Rister, external trade and attractiveness;

Clement Bonchargé de l’Europe.

State secrets

Olivia Gregoire, government gate;

Justin BeninSecretary of State of the Sea;

Charlotte the MaleSecretary of State of the Infantry;

Chrysula Zakharapulova, Secretary of State for Development, of Francophonie and of the International Partnerships, in support of the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs.