Nouveau Marvel, Dr. Strange 2Vient tout just debarquer dans les salles de cinema françaises, et il démarre fort.

There are franchises of movies that are blockbusters West Side Story, Alley of Nightmares et al Ambulance on the right to impose in the different box offices of the whole world, licensed films by Marvel, DC, Sony and others.. Between the records of Spider-Man: No way homethe box office is very correct Batman et al Sonic 2 which is more than just a great relief for adapting video games to the United States: the great adventures are the loins of death.

З павагай sont en ce moment portés sur le nouveau film du MCU, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Enter the promotional campaign, the return of Sam Raimi to the realization, the premiere of the Marvel escapade in which the assembly (a few) to the horror and the return of the Multivers in the return of Multivers in the cinemas, the new Cumber with new film in a super-heroic society to quoi all casser au box-office.

And these actions are to be validated by a demarcation canon Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The premier race in France, the long-term realization of Sam Raimi in the clothes of 335,459 spectators, not 1,250 spectators in the avant-garde premiere. He is agitating plus beauty score for the premier day of a film of sorts in 2022 and the three major debut of the pandemic debutderrière Fast and Furious 9 (468,862) et al Spider-Man: No way home (476,494).

A secret secret for the super-hero film that could not be used to make the most diffuse copies in France. You have 619 screens against 882 No way home donnent alors d’autant plus de valeur au très joli démarrage de ce Dr. Strange 2. Exit donc Batman et ses 257 546 spectators Venus voir le film réalisé par Matt Reeves le jour de sa sortie, de la même façon que Dr. Strange 2 devance de loin le demarrage du premier volet des aventures du sorcier et ses 197,428 tickets sold in 2016.

When you leave the box office

In the other states of the United States, the film is very important to the best in the region of 19 other territories that are diffuse, Dr. Strange 2 récolté $ 27.2 million from mercredi, only 4% less than that No way home153% plus the first one Dr. Strange and 210% de plus que Batman. The long length of this class is one of the most popular classes in the Latin American countries, all of which have been premier for a film of the same name since the debut of the pandemic in Thailand and the Philippines.

In Malaysia, it is a complement to the second major demarcation of the industry. En Corée, alors que les spectateurs rechignaient à retourner dans les salles de cinéma, Dr. Strange 2 it’s too late Son Meilleur score hors-sortie US avec 5.9 million dollars recoltés ce Mercredidevant le Japon (3.8 million) and la France (3 million).

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo, Elizabeth Olsen
Witch season

Aux États-Unis, a film that goes on sale on May 6th. The predictions of his demarcation are between 160 and 180 million dollars on American soil. An estimate serves more than a large number of halls for a long metric variety after the debut of the pandemic with 4,400 movies, 4,336 of them No way home. 140 million people gathered at the international level over the weekend, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness devrait cumuler environ 300 mln. dans le monde à la fin du week-end.

A great score that is due to the second best measure for a film of the same age as Covid-19, before Batman (251 million) and derrière Spider-Man: No way home (582 million). To see that these provisions are valid, but it is a force to be reckoned with the excitement of this project is palpable. Not what to install Batman, Dr. Strange n’aura pas le droit à une diffusion en Russie à reason des evènements liés à l’invasion de l’Ukraine. In the case of a good part of the Moyen-Orient, the long metrics are not diffuse beyond the reason of LGBTQ people.

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