Stan Lee’s screenplays and Steve Ditko’s disengagements, occultes odyssées du Dr. Strange are rapidly developing Emblem of the psychedelic culture of the 60s, Nourrissant l’imaginaire d’auteurs majeurs de la pop culture, de Neil Gaiman and passable Alan Moore. It will be possible to create double pages of original publications, beautiful perspectives and games of hallucinatory colors so that you can work with the lesser Disney and your aesthetic of the supermarket.

Not easy to read the magic horror

More for the cup, and this is the beautiful surprise do Dr. Strange Scott Derrickson, l’univers du Sorcier Suprême believe that his outrances visuelles and we propose to increase the number of reprimands of visual festivals. Thanks to a 3D remarkable use, the names of the sequences are always on the magic of being placed in the space, the boulevard and the reaction. The result is a souvenir, tour to tour inventory and referenceThe use of fake mirror games, vertigo fractals, to discover the Dimension of Mirror, the screen in a myriad of spaces that evoke the malicious case of comics with LSD.

Photo by Dr. StrangeInce-quoi?

This jubilee riches is not without great feelings, little Dr. Strange pile abondamment The beginning. Parfois for the best, lorsquil pousse ses puzzle concepts urbains bien plus паясніца that n’osa le faire Christopher Nolan, parfois with an opportunism agaçant, quand il plagie sans vergogne certaines séquences (comme l’affrontement dans un couloir à la gravité malmenée). You can do it very easily, but it has a very effective effect.

PhotoCap or dog?


If this visual result is indisputable, le métrage n’en demeure pas moins d’un classicisme, voire d’une bêtise en termes d’écriture, qui lui interdisent de vraiment trancher avec le tout-venant Marvel. Ainsie, Scott Derrickson does not issue a jamais du carcan d ‘Iron Man, Dont Cette Nouvelle production est, ainsi qu’on le voyait venir, un quasi-remake. Simple words, written by the person of the people, all the conciliator here for the sake of Benedict Cumberbatch to live the ideal of Robert Downey Jr.

Photo by Tilda Swinton, Chivetel Eggiofor– Et là, on se foule? – No.

If the script is a tristement of invisible, it is one of the most important characters to write, which is brilliant to complement your absence. Your characterization is a balance of va-life to the dialogue of dialogues of an extreme banality. A lack of investment in the narrative that retreats in the direction of actionsAs a result of the transparent composition of Chiwetel Ejiofor, or by Tilda Swinton, it was reduced to an imitation of Bruce Willis.

Marvel pousse le bouchon jusqu’à tronçonner l’Excellent grade by Michael Jaquinan artist’s honor that rappelle that the studio nulle nullement l’intention de proposer une œuvre trop singulièreeven overturned disney fablesamputation and relief of generic fines.

Photo by Affiche

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