The partnership between DSM, UNICEF and Sight and Life first began in 2013 to leverage their shared expertise in a public-private partnership to create a transformational impact on a global scale.

Royal DSM, UNICEF and the Swiss think tank and food incubator Sight and Life have renewed their long-term partnership to provide better nutrition for at-risk groups in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. The partners also aim to expand their work in Latin America for the first time.

As the number of people on hunger strike this year is projected to rise to around 1 billion, more than one in ten of the world’s population, the three organizations will use their additional competencies to tackle malnutrition on a large scale, maximizing impact , co-value creation and co-creation of systemic change.

UNICEF provides extensive field knowledge, program experience and liaison with governments and development partners at both the local and international levels. Sight and Life contributes by conducting implementation research and disseminating relevant research for advocacy purposes. DSM offers in-depth nutrition expertise, while DSM Brighter Living Foundation provides the necessary funding.

In India, the partnership focuses on mobilizing companies to improve the literacy of their employees and their families, as well as customers and suppliers. Through the Impact4Nutrition (I4N) platform, more than 200 promised companies have so far contributed resources for free to reach nearly 2.5 million people nationwide.

Susan Laszlo, UNICEF Director-General in the Netherlands, commented: “Partnership with the private sector is how we can make a big impact in these difficult times. When we see that the number of malnourished children is growing rapidly, it is important to cooperate and have common ambitions. Every child has the right to grow up healthy and strong, and this renewed partnership will help even more children around the world realize this right. ”

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