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Marine Le Pen appeared at the event with the delicate face of Emanuel Macron: political politics. Objective, to assemble the presidential statue, which increases the number of passes between the candidates.

Ils n’échangent pas de noms d’oiseaux mais leurs échanges sont pour le moins acerbes. In a visit to a construction company in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), Mercredi 13 April, Marine Le Pen, candidate in RN, the young man and the government and Emmanuel Macron are in the “day” face of “mur de l ‘ inflation “auquel la France allait être confrontée.

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Interrogé plus tôt dans la matinale de France 2 sur les mesures à prendre face à l’inflation, Emmanuel Macron lui avait déjà répondu que ‘ce qu’ [il avait été] decided with the government on electricity, gas and essence is more efficient than the VAT base “, as proposed by Marine Le Pen.

The candidacy also denounced the “fever” of its adversary, which criticized the “authoritative derivative” of the press and the institute.

When Marine Le Pen “says you are a journalist, but the gentleman is not the one who chooses the things that do not make me happy”, he is the debut of an authoritative derivative “, in the effect of the affirmation of France 2 the candidate for president, noting that his opponent is also proposing the “change the Constitution to the main”.

Interrogée sur ces propos, la pretendant d’extremê droite s’est demandedé ironiquement s’il s’agissait du “même président de la République qui a supprimé la salle de pressé à l’Élysée” et “qui a crein sein un des redactions he said, “It’s time to get rid of a form of febrile illness.”

The battle of the ciphers is a chain

Marine Le Pen is on the defensive on another front, this time with the National Commission for the Control of the Electoral Campaign (CNCCEP), France Inter, is in demand for explanations of its profession for the second tour.

In the collimator of the “gendarme” of the campaign, the figures are in the forefront to illustrate the balance of Emmanuel Macron on security and immigration.

“I do not want you to be able to enter the south of the election to intervene in my profession, which I will return to address the French uniqueness of the profession of president of the sorting,” replied Marine Le Pen. “Attention to the type of maneuver (…) attention to respect democracy”.

In view of the 24th of April, the two finalists lorgnent the electors of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Arrivé in a three-position position with 21.95% of the vote.

Abstain, vote blank or vote Emanuel Macron? Jean-Luc Melanchon has launched a consultation of around 310,000 people, the ex-candidate has called for a “donner a single vote for Le Pen”. Consultation, do not give sulfur to the public, spend 20 hours.

The two finalists “are not equivalent. Marine Le Pen added to the social malpractice project that parted with Emmanuel Macron a ferment of ethnic and religious exclusion,” the LFI candidate said in a message.

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Divisions of Europe

After his death in Gennevilliers, Marine Le Pen was appointed in mid-midnight with a press conference in Paris on the topic of diplomacy and foreign policy. For the candidate RN, who has the opportunity to have a long campaign of proximity to the autonomous, the objective is to present the base and the presidential apparatus.

On foreign policy, you can assume the president and his rival. Neither Atlanticist nor multilateral, Marine Le Pen axes all the diplomacy of the idea that France does not care about “respect” in the world. Elle voit dans l’Europe un frein et souhaite, par exemple, renégocier les accords de Schengen afin de réinstaurer les contrôles aux frontières ou baisser la уклад financiвання Франции à l’UE.

Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, made Europe a central pillar of its diplomatic diplomacy, as he was in Strasbourg on the occasion that this election was also “a referendum on Europe”. The nationalism of me in “an alliance of nations that is likely to make war” in Europe, estime-t-il.

The conflict in Ukraine should take place in the good place of the conference of the press of Marine Le Pen, which will be made closer to the proximity of Russia and Vladimir Poutine. The candidate did not pass my condominium invasion of Russia and this child is very favorable to the decision of France to refrain from paying.

She hosted a rematch of economic sanctions against Moscow, but the power of the French.

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