The inflation rate of 9% in April on the month of Royaume-Uni, a record of 40 years, is the reason for the energy price, which should increase the crisis of life.

Alors que, fin mars, le taux d’inflation se situit à 7%, l’Office national des statistiques annonce que le taux d’avril est le plus élevé depuis que les statistiques sur l’inflation existent, à savoir 1989. Selon des It is estimated that he was able to “have this plus for the last time since 1982”.

“Inflation aroused for a while in April, a pair of brusque brushes in the electricity and gas prices,” said Grant Fitzner, chef-economist at ONS. “The augmentations aborted on a number of metals, chemical and petroleum products that are also available, which include the prices plus prices for products that are of the highest quality,” he said.

The only situation is “apocalyptic”

Le Chancelier de l’Echiquier Rishi Sunak a fait valoir dans un communiqué que “les pays à travers le monde font face à une inflation en hausse” et que celle d’avril au Royaume-Uni vient de l’énergie, stimulée par les co on the world markets. “We don’t want to protect the total population of these worlds, but we have a good night’s sleep and we can do it again, and we have to do more,” he said.

The critiques are accumulated in the face of the action of the government considered as insufficient in regard to the crisis of the life of the living. Beaucoup d’organizations have accused the government of the government that millions of Britons do not want to restrict their rights or pay money.

On Monday, the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, described the “apocalyptic” situation for food prices and as a result of inflation, which would cover 10% of the finances of the United Nations monter encore plus haut si l’Ukraine ne parvient pas expor ses recoltes.

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