The sales of cars are 20.6% in the European Union in April, a unique event in the exclusive year of 2020, according to the Association of European Buildings Association. .

With 684,000 new vehicles for sale, in the full range of electronic applications, this is the last possible month of April registered with the ACEA after the debut of the series of statistics in 1990, with the exception of the year 202 of the Covid Pandemic -19.

Italy plus the touch of France and Spain

The first markets, Italy is 33%, Belgium 23.6%, France 22.6%, Allemagne 21.5%, Spain 12.1% . Near the UE, the British market accounted for 15.8%.

The European market for the sale of four of the most historic holidays (all year 2020), more than 2.9 million for sale (-14.4% of the number).

A penguin has an aggravée for war in Ukraine

After the 2021 issue, the car market is free in Europe and the United States for a series of logistics problems, not a semi-conductor pen. These electronics, mainly manufactured in Asia, are indispensable for the manufacture of telephones and portable computers, but also for cars that are limited to technology.

With a stabilization of the apprenticeship in Puces, the ACEA won a rebound of car sales in the second semester of 2022, but the war in Ukraine is taking some optimism.

The size of the sale and storage codes, the constructions on the basis of the benefits of the first trimester of grace to the house of the car price. Most of the sales codes continued to run in April. The leader of the European Volkswagen with 28% Sur un an, with a fort replica of its main brand, the Skoda and the Seat. Dauphin’s son Stellantis has 31%, avec d’importants reculs chez Peugeot et Opel-Vauxhall, notamment.

Seoul le groupe coréen Hyundai-Kia continues to progress sur le marché européen (+ 13.2%), the double group Renault (-16.3%) and 10% of the details in the march. BMW-Mini retails 17.6%, Toyota – 7.4% and Mercedes – 22.6%.

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