12:08: “Ces qui se passe en Corse est l’exemple à suivre”, esttime Poutou

Philippe Poutou says that “what is going on in Corsica, for us, this is the example to live”.

“When this is the first time that the governor is trembling, and this is the same thing that can be done to make sure that everyone is too late”, explained the candidate on French info, after the visit to the island. Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. “Autonomy”: the motto is to be black on white in the computation “acté” verendi soir from Gérald Darmanin and the President of the Executive Council of Corse, Gilles Simeoni.

12:01: Edward Philip engaged in Macron’s company

The Agenda of the Edouard Philippe campaign has taken place, following a hypothetical visit to the 2nd round of the President-Candidate Macron in the Ville du Havre.

The Prime Minister, also the patron of the new Horizons Party, will be the first of the Etaples (Pas-de-Calais) at the Côte d’Ivoire of Stéphane Séjourné and Tiphaine Auzière, fille de Brigitte Macron. On March 23 he will go to Nice, for an important meeting with Christian Estrosi, Minister of Health Alivier Veran and Culture Roselyne Bachelot. I visit the Val de Marne on March 30, in Bordeaux on April 7.

12 hours: Welcome to the direct conference on political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.