On the 4th of May last day in France, Dr. Strange 2 look authentic meet the criticism of the public. Blockbuster Porté by Benedict Cumberbatch we are in the vicinity of rEtrouver Elizabeth Olsen in Wanda’s song Maximoff. Interview Lors d’une, l’actrice prend the defense of the filmmaker.

Attention to the spoilers about Dr. Strange 2! Some details of the intrigue of the film are being revived, it is not possible to follow the lecture and you want to discover the history of the blockbuster by yourself.

Dr. Strange 2an intrigue also followed by scenes of action

Give it some time Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available in the French obscure halls. The fans are backed by Stephen Strange, coercion a little disoriented by the events that ended in the end Spider-Man: No way home, et ses acolytes, Wong et Wanda Maximoff. Very fast in the debut of the film, the late Sorcier Suprème comprend qu’il doit rapident make face to sequences of acts. After having a meeting with America Chavez, a heroine capable of traveling in the universe, Stephen Strange is a sought-after assistant to Wanda Maximoff’s outside friends.

Pre-spoilers commencent ici. Malheureusement, la Wanda d’autrefois semblait avoir laissé sa place à une toute autre personne… L’Avenger, desormais en ownership du Darkhold, s’est transformée en Scarlet Witch, псеўданім the person plus the pushing of the MCU !! Сын, але: запапнік Амерыка Чавес наліз абсорбер you can still live in the corners of imaginary places that exist in another university. See the announcement Dr. Strange 2 pouvait laissait entender the evolution of the narcissistic arc by Wanda Maximoffbeaucoup de spectateurs ont été surpris de voir à quel point elle pouvait devenir mechante mais surtout aussi impitoyable.

If you know more about what you know, logically at the end of history: America Chavez to meet Scarlet Witch of arrest all masks. Wanda a de ce fait détruit le Darkhold dans tous les univers, laissant tous les fans avec une question restée en suspens: is she dead or is she sick? By failing to visit her before going to the Sorcière Rouge in the University of MCU, Elizabeth Olsen is highly confident. on the evolution of his person.

Elizabeth Olsen defends the actions of the Scarlet Witch

Close to Hollywood reportershe admi be “satisfaite” de la fin de son arc narratifyou have to recognize that many observers are frustrated by see your person before : “Je suis satisfaite. Je pense que d’une manière ou d’une autre, cela devait se terminer ainsi, et je suis curieuse de savoir comment nous allons advancer désormais.”

“My objective is that there are many varieties of evolution, and this evolution for me is very stimulating. She doesn’t want to return for nothing. Elle se sent en phase avec ses beliefs. Je trouve cela très excellent et j’ai pris plaisir à la lancer dans ce voyage de foil. I think it’s normal to play characters who are frustrated in public. I have this idea in such a quirky way “ajoute-t-elle.

Introduce yourselfThe Avengers: L’ère d’Ultron, Wanda Maximoff initially presented this as a mechanic. Finally, after multiple events, she decided to change the camp to pass the path of the gentlemen. Sa Relation loving with Vision seduit de nombreux fans, this will be tragic for the loss of one of the only people who live in the world. Pour couronner le tout, to be alone and to be alone is to create an alternative reality in WandaVision – The series that is dedicated to Disney + – is determined by some innocent people by the act of selfishness.

If Scarlet Witch’s attention is due to fans Dr. Strange 2, il faut se rappeler qu’elle a agi par désespoir and loneliness. Son avenir au sein du MCU est pour l’heure incertain. La fin du film laisse entender qu’elle serait morte, mais Elle Pourrait revenir d’une façon ou d’une autre dans un futur projet de la franchise. Interview Lors d’une recentente, Elizabeth Olsen explained that she wants to play her role in a movie dedicated to her character in a single condition: what a break! Sinon, the account of the Marvel fans for Among the ideas for projects that imply Wanda Maximoff : Je veux que les fans se prêtent au jeu. Je vous avoue que moi-même je ne sais pas. Alors si les gens ont des idées! Je suis vraiment curieuse de savoir comment nous allons avancer. Mais je crois que nous allons vers quelque chose de Grand ”.

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