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The President of the Republic of the Republic of China is in a state of progressive progress. The dry element suppresses special regimes.

Candidate Emanuel Macron proposed a program of a filial retreat program for 65-year-olds, a “minimum retreat of 1,100 euros” for full careers and “suppression of the principles of retreats”. Annoncé, jeudi 10 mars, le porte-parole du gouvernement Gabriel Atal, confirms information about Échos sortie Mercredi Soir.

“In the program of Emmanuel Macron, the aura of the proposal of the extension of the department of retraining and progressive progress at 65 years”, declared by the Secretary of State of RTL. It will be “a reform of responsibility”, at the end of the day.

This is also a reform of “justice”, with a minimum of € 1,100 “for those who have a complete career” and the suppression of special regimes, “for example, the RATP or EDF recommends” for the SNCF pour les nouveaux entrants “, – said Gabriel Attal.

“The aura of discussion with the unions”, at the same time, said the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, “for the account of the candidate Emmanuel Macron, present (this) project of the reform of the CFDT ajourd “Hui à l’accasion d’une audition.”

“A choke of society”

Concernant la retraite minimum for les carrieères complete, il a rappelé que le gouvernement l’avait “fait déjà pour les agriculteurs”, avec une retraite minim portée pour eux à 85% du Smic puis “étendue ensuite et aux”.

Defendant of the principles of this reform that “have a priority reform party”, the goal of the government to estimate that “he will have this presidential election and a choice of society: he is a veutcore enu is a veutcore enu ‘u’once veutcore pour les Français et investir pour les Français? Nous, on dit oui. Est-ce qu’on pense qu’il faut le faire le augmentant les impôts? Nous, on dit non. “.

“He was also able to learn about the number of soldiers and comparable countries,” said Gabriel Attalus.

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