The sorted resident and the candidate for the extreme right are qualified, without, for the second round of the presidential election, with an advanced advance for Emanuel Macron (27.6%) sur Marine Le Pen (23.0%), Selon les Estimations de notre partenaire Ipsos-Sopra Steria. Jean-Luc Melanchon is 22.2% of the vote.

Remake 2017 aura bien lieu. After several months of campaigning, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen did not systematically support these questions in the title of the polls, the two favorites of the presidential scrutiny are so effective qualifications, 10 qualifiers.

Le pari est d’abord gagnant for Emmanuel Macron – premier-president, who arrived as a guest (27.6% of the vote) on the first tour of Jacques Chirac in 2002 – who did not have a choice en 2017, de fairee de Marine Le Pen son unique adversaire dans le beachage franqueais. Emanuel Macron confirms that there is a long-standing place to live in the “progressive-nationalist” place. He is recruiting a new candidate for the National Assembly in the second round of the presidency, the head of the State is waiting for the benefit of a “republican front” to support the election.

Your score on the first round of this tour is possible by a quinquented mark. After having torpedoed the couch in 2017, Emmanuel Macron inadmissibly occupied the terrain of the party that is considered as a serious series in the year 2022: The Republics (LR). As the leader praised in his victorious campaign in the fifth century, the president of our country, in the midst of the crisis of Covid-19, a neoliberal economic policy, but also an element in the history of history. immigration, security, retraining or encroachment on security – this is not the first step in our program.

Vote for Valery Pecres for Emanuel Macron

To meet a member of the strategy, Emmanuel Macron added to the board several plus figures of the right of the beginning of his term, to commence with his Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, bientôt suivi or Bruno Le Maire. The rights that contribute to the reduction of the political space of the Republican Republic, in the field between the Republic of the Republic and the National Assembly (RN). Result: Emmanuel Macron in a literal siphonne, lors du premier tour, the vote in favor of the candidate LR, Valérie Pécresse, who is not obsessed, only after 20% of François Fillon, in 4.7% of a historical score bas pour un parti dont les cadres n’imaginaient pas une seconde finir sous la barre symbolique des 5% permettant le remboursement des frais de campagne.

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The score of Emmanuel Macron is worth a few minutes of opening a campaign to a minimum. He has officially declared himself a candidate at the last moment, in the presence of his meeting and the effect of some of the discharges in France, preferring to benefit from the international context of war in Ukraine to join the status of the head of and do not care about other candidates in televised debates.

Marine Le Pen is de-diabolized by the President of Eric Zemmour

Face to the top, Marine Le Pen (23.0% of voting rights) says you want to leave nowis Republic of the extreme right in the second round of a presidential election – after his father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, in 2002, and her mother in 2017. Her best friend is the score of the first tour of the country, 30% ).

Candidate for the national team of the Assembly is a candidate to be elected to enter the two-tour tour of the country, leading in 2022 to meet Jean-Luc Melanchon (22.2%) (7 Éric Zemmour) , 2%) or Valérie Pécresse (4.8%) as a candidate for the title of Emanuel Macron. Like the last one, the right to return to the new clivage is the one in France, opposing the “mondialists” and the “nationalists”.

For that, she paradoxically benefited from the policy of Eric Zemmour, another candidate for extreme rights. In the last days, at the suggestion of immigrants and Muslims, at the Marine Le Pen, the establishment of a candidate for admission and presumption of total de-diabolization, attributing to the French-speaking Elle de noulecchiteis vote RN.

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In the same time, the extras of the extreme right, plus radicaux, a tense time by Eric Zemmour, the final preference for “use” with a bulletin Marine Le Pen from the Premier Tour. L’ancien polémiste, dont sures sondages lui accordaient autour de 16% des intentions de vote en fevier, n’obtient finalement que 7,0% des voix. This is the last thing you can do in the winery of Marine Le Pen.

Enfin, the deputy of the Pas-de-Calais, thanks for a campaign in the countryside, part of France, with meetings in the petite villas of the provinces of the lor desquels elle s’est concentrated on the theme of the power of achat, est a new news to the top of the popular electorate that Jean-Luc Mélenchon, rivals the most serious series for Barrer on the route of the second tour.

The Elector of Jean-Luc Melanchon

Sponsored by a second tour campaign, which is very different from the year 2017. The polls announced an extra plus result (54% -46%, Ipsos en-Sopra Marinuneel estimate) Le Pen qu ‘ il ya cinq ans. The President of the Republic is not a trump card, appealing to his children to discuss the differences between the “differences” and the “great movement of the policy of the unit and the action” in vogue “in the main All those who want to work for France “.

A doctor of the same age in the direction of Jean-Luc Mélenchon et, plus in particular, the electorate, appeals to the arbitrators of the second tour, Emmanuel Macron noted that their position is “to make barragetrème à droite” et se disant “pleinement conscient que cela ne vaudra pas soutien du projet” qu’il porte.

She is also a conscientious objector who represents the electives of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen. fraternel autour de l’idée millénaire de nation “, qu’elle a opposée à” la division, l’injustice et le désordre imposés par Emmanuel Macron au profit de quelques-uns “.

Quant au leader of La France insoumise, s’il n’a pas explicitement appelé à voter pour Emmanuel Macron, il a répété à trois reprises: “Il ne faut pas donner une seule voix à Marine Le Pen!”