Emmanuel Macron appeals to the creation of a “European political community”

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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, appealed to the creation of a “European political community” to raise awareness of countries and countries of Ukraine. Conductors of the 27th district of Strasbourg at the Journey of Europe.

A “new European organization” to launch a cooperation with Ukraine. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, appealed on 9 May to the creation of a “European political community” to increase the number of countries in Ukraine, in parallel with the EU’s procedure for “decrees”.

This new frame of view “of the European democratic nations adheres to the socle of values, to find a new space of political cooperation, of security, of cooperation”, declared Emanuel Macron, who announced Emanuel L’Alcro, who announced Emanuel Macan.

L’Union Européenne is affiliated with the leaders of the countries and the United States in opposition to the discourses of the governor of Vladimir Poutine, a celebrity in the Strasbourg La Journée de l’Europe, author of the French president, really real.

“Revision of features”

Emmanuel Macron is a well-known member of the European Union’s “revision” of a “revision of treaties”, proposing that the conductors of the 27-year-old have discussed it.

“The failure to reform our texts is evident. One of the reforms of this reform is the convocation of a convention of revision of treaties. The President of France is in front of the European Parliament, for his first discourses on European affairs in the entertainment and offensive in Russia.

Emanuel Macron in Berlin

In the middle of the mid-morning, the head of the State will return to Berlin, a reserve, as a covenant, the first official visit to the Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz.

An appui à l’amitié Franco-allemande, “avec une symbolicque encore plus forte du jour de la fête de l’Europe”, souligne-t-on à l’Élysée.

“On May 9, the History of the Return of Moscow, a defensive and aggressive army in Strasbourg, the capital of the European Union State of European Affairs, lor of the Closing Ceremony of the European Conference on the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

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