Left rates are stable in the first trimester of 2022 to 7.3% of the active population in France (in Mayotte), plus the level of 2008, against 7.4% in the last trimester of 2021, the highest number of people in public I ‘ Insee.

Le taux de chômage, qui avait fortement baissé au dernier trimestre (-0,6 bala), est à son plus bass niveau depuis debuis 2008. «Il est inférieur de 0,8 point à son niveau un an auparavant, et 0, point au-dessous de son niveau d’avant la crise sanitaire (fin 2019) », souligne l’Insee.

Layer rebond on the young man’s room

On the trimester, the price of young players rebound legally (+0.3 points on 16.3%) after having a strong previous trimester (-3.5 points). The 0.2 point decrease is 25-49 points at 6.6% and is almost stable at 50 and plus 5.6%.

In the first trimester, the number of employees at the International Bureau of Labor (BIT) has 2.2 million staff, which is 18,000 less than the trimester. According to the “halo autour du chômage”, there are only a few people who are able to work more than the other criters of the BIT to be considered as a member (effective and employ and available), 1.8 million people.

The length of the rest is stable

The rate of long-term care is also stable at 2.2% of the active population. About 700,000 people declare their employment and search for less than one month.

What about the role?

Employee rates from 15-64 to 0.2 points, 68%. Il depasse ainsi son plus haut niveau historique depuis que l’Insee le mesure (1975).

The increase of 0.7 points for young women and 34.6%, is plus the level of 1991.

For 25-49 years, the increase of 0.2 points to 82.5%, is higher than the level since December 2009. Enfin, the age of 50-64 is stable at 65.5%, higher than the historical level.

The part of self-employment (people who work part-time plus a part-time job) decreases by 0.3 points by 4.7%, which is less than the 1992 level.

The activity rates (employees and employees) from 15 to 64 years and increased by 0.2 points to 73.4% and retrouve son plus high level of historical trimester trimester 2021.

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