A sale of the basketball hoops in Paris for a total of 120,000 euros, with a record of 16,120 euros for a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1, at the end of the Millon House.

The lot was built in a pair of Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White.

Two hundred more than Jordan, 1 Retro High Dior is a party for 9,672 euros.

250 liaison officers and a full room

The other baskets are ready for mounts plus raisons, to be shared by Nike Air Vapormax Black “The 10” Off-White for 1,240 euros. The House of Millon, in a communion, is one of the most important “results in the work of attentions”, has 70% 207 lots that are sold, as well as 250 connected companies in online and one.

The baskets (“krasovki” pour les passionnés) on the acquis have the following statutes of collection objects which are of interest to more than the commissioners, but compete with the sales platforms online (eBay, StockX).

American fashion designer Virgil Ablo, designer of Nike and Louis Vuitton, renewed in November 41, released a few words and also learned about it. In February, one of the last people who received the certificate received 352,800 dollars.

The records are highly attractive to the most popular sports and hip hop legends.

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