Firms. Le pôle des aînés ne devrait pas voir le jour avant la fin du mandat

First of the municipal council of Firminy, mardi soir. Le maire, Julien Luya, souffrant, étant odsutny, c’est son premier adjoint, Christophe Chaland, qui présidait la seance.

This is a great deal of uncertainty, which is the tension, light, apparitions between the majority and the opposition of the vote of the sixth point in the order of the day that created the approval of a mandate of studies in the society of the field project of the years in the quarter of Mas.

As part of the Christophe Chaland Rappelle, the municipality of Souhaite reunir les deux Ehpad (La Verrerie et Les Bruneaux, NDLR) and the residence of the persons of the Mail of Janes in a unique field of view, situated Chanoine-Chausse. It is a solitary Cap Metropolis for the benefit of leurs …

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