Was a fan of the very hilarious Netflix sitcom “Call My Agent” (Dix pour cent in French) and wonder what places have appeared in four seasons? Here is our shortlist.

For the uninitiated, this four-season French series (with English subtitles, don’t worry) tells the story of the lives of Andrea, Matthias, Gabriel and Arlette – four stars of the fictional talent management agency ASK, which takes place in Paris, and their adventures with their celebrity clients. “Talents”. Widely filmed in Paris (External link) and further, you will encounter “addresses of bonnes” as they say in French to visit when on your next vacation in France!

© Christophe Brachet – Gabrielle and Monica Belucci in Paris

This Parisian beer restaurant is in its second season. You are invited to dinner with Matthias, Camilla and her mother (PSST: if you have not watched the series, we promise that you will meet these characters in the first season!). Located on Vivienne Street, next to the famous Galerie Vivienne, the façade of this restaurant is on the list of historical monuments. Its interior is just as stunning as the exterior with Belle Epoque charm and attractive mosaic tiles. Head to traditional French braziers and seafood at affordable prices for your wallet.

Again in the second season a performance at this iconic cinema, which is the largest in Europe since 1932. In the episode you see Matthias Ramsey Bedia’s clients and his wife Virgin Ether interviewing for their new film «Nos Petits Mensonges» at the Grand Rex. Did you know that the Grand Rex over the years has been one of the biggest premieres in France? On your next visit stop here to enjoy the behind-the-scenes opening of this legendary cinema. Who knows, you might accidentally shoot!

We are still with the second season, Matthias, Ramsey and Virginia. It is here, in this restaurant, which offers an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, Matthias learns about the bad news. (We do not publish spoilers!). Located in the National Theater de la Chaillot in Place 1, Tracadera, this restaurant is great for eating and of course for a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. You will definitely have lots of photos from your meal that you can use on Instagram!

© Paris tourist photographer – Amélie Dupont Garden Plant where La Ménagerie is located

Where would you go if you nursed a broken heart in the most romantic city in the world? Well, we certainly know where Gabrielle – La Ménagerie in the Garden of Plants would go! Appearance in the third season – La Ménagerie is the second largest zoo in the world and is home to many mammals, birds and reptiles (remember the sad orangutan?). The Jardin des Plantes also offers green gardens and botany workshops for those interested.

© Stockbym – stock.adobe.com Panoramic view of Cannes

Cannes (External link) naturally needed to appear in a series dedicated to the entertainment industry. You’ll see Cannes in all its glory in the second season, when the actors descend on this gorgeous seaside resort for nothing but a film festival. You will discover the Hotel Barrière le Majestic, which is the temporary residence of our crew during the reels, and in real life – home away from home from stars from around the world. In this episode you will also see the famous Juliette Binoche.

In addition to the above, you will also walk over the iconic Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris with Andrea in the first season, get your first acquaintance with the series and famous actress Cecil de la France at the Westin Hotel in Paris and enjoy breakfast with Matthias and Camilla in elegant Mansart hotels in Paris. You will find many such attractions that make a “special look” when you open or reopen the series.

Parisian images of the Pont des Arts
© UlyssePixel Getty Images The iconic Paris Bridge of Arts

While “Call My Agent” is sure to fix these travel blues, the series is also a must-see because of its compelling storytelling, its insight into the work of the French “bureau” and depicting the incredibly humane side of its more than celebrity life. appearing for four seasons. We can’t wait to absorb the fifth season, can you?

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