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Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Macron are sent to the recommendation, Mercred Suir, in person. Please note our special edition at 8 pm on the 24th antenna of France 24 years after our live blog. The debate will end at 9 pm (Paris time).

This is the return match. Five years after the first debate between the two tours, the candidate-candidate, Emmanuel Macron, and the candidate for the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen, are retiring for a new confrontation in the four days of the second round of selection. (April 24).

If the debate does not change the traditional tradition of the woman, she should be able to remove the electorate and “dispense with the fact that you will be able to observe the debut of the Vis République “, Selon Brice Teinturier, Director General of the Delegate Ips in France.

After many treatments and circulations of sorts, this is the final opportunity to open a debate lasting 2 hours 30. Marine le Pen, place on the right of the screen, take the first and last words , ontf indicative TF1 and France 2. Outside the power of achat, chacun des themes abordés – security, youth, international, competitiveness, environment, social model, governance – aura “un temps donné” de parole.