After the month, Kylian Mbappé alimente la série à suspense de son avenir auprès des novinares, dans de rares interviews ou en zone mixte après les matches.

On the occasion of the prize prize, after the UNFP Trophy ceremony, the decision of the best player of the season in Ligue 1 was announced.

“Cela ne va plus tarder”, declared the butcher, who promised to respond “well ahead” to the beginning of the disassembly of the French team, first of all on May 28.

PSG will be able to keep up with the fact that his contract expires on June 30, but the Spanish press assures the player that he is “right” at Real Madrid, who wants to recruit the last player.

The supporters of the two clubs, which are full of millions of travers in the world, are suspended from the levers of Mbappé, do not have the determination to have an enormous impact on the competitiveness of their favorite team.

“Exceptional measurement”

But we don’t have anything. “C’est une décision qui dépasse le cadre sportif”, analyzes for l’AFP Arno Simon, a former consultant of Eurosport France aujourd’hui. “Kylian Mbappé is a + model + (personality source of inspiration for others, NDLR) who will be able to choose the lines. Decision making in a single dimension. »

“The champion is exceptional, he has an exceptional frame. For me, the whole justifies the journal of 20 hours. Il faut un écrin à la hauteur de la pearle qu’il est », poursuit l’expert, quite en exemple l’artiste belge Stromae, qui a présenté un titre de son dernier album sur TF1 en janvier dernier.

The selector Didier Deschamps also took part in 2018, announcing the Blue List for the World Cup, co-diffused by the first French champion.

“In the elegance of communication, in the frame of the sun, I was paralyzed plus retained by a publication on social issues,” wrote Arno Simon.

The sports are popular and will be exemplified directly by fans through their accounts – Mpappé accounts for 71.6 million subscriptions on Instagram, and 7.9 million on Twitter. It’s about what the legend of American football, Tom Brady, said in March that he was ready to retire … and, some more than that, he wanted to be precise.

The example of Griezmann

They also have a chance to be on stage for television, a spectacular option at risk. In 2010, 13 million viewers watched NBA Superstar Lebron James’ “Solution,” which announced it had left the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Miami Heat.

Special mission for 1 hour 15 hours, diffusion in sports sports media ESPN, inspirer Antoine Griezmann, who repurposed the codes in 2018 with “La Decisión”, as well as a documentary and dive in 52 minutes produced by Kosmos, so that du FC Barcelona Gerard Pique .

The suite suites the French international, in the questions of the future – the final choise of prolonging the Atletico Madrid. “Sa mise en scen lui a beaucoup été reprochée”, rappelle Arno Simon.

Mbappé, attentive to every detail of his career, aborted a moment of hinge on the route over the football Olympus. Et même si le club éconduit communique avant lui pour lui couper l’herbe sous le pied, le joueur pourra toujours imposer sa manière de voir les choses.

“Everything in the world is visited by Kylian Mbappé, his explanations, he explained. It should be exemplified. At the presence of the son of the message, which is the port of all young people and the French “, explicitly the expert, in the context of which communication strategy includes only media professionals, you always respond to the fact that the faittaquant a.

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