All Jews, Epic Games without a friend (plus parfs) for subscriptions, thank you Epic Games Store, in a suitable way a new game is available for free. In the past week, Epic has hosted three triple bouquets in its own way with less than 3 games: Jotun: Valhalla Edition, Prey, et al Redout: An improved edition. This week, a place in the Second World War and in the strategy, with a particular gameplay.

A new game for free this week

The last week, the owners of an epic Epic Games will be profitable for J.otun: Valhalla Edition, Prey, et al Redout: An improved edition. MiningDeveloped by Arkane Studios and edited by Bethesda, this is definitely the biggest announcement of the proposed games.

On the other hand, to vary the time, to vary the genres of games, Epic Games aims at what you can make little ones. Pensions to Amnesia: Revival, what a classic horror, very good The disappearance of Ethan Carteryou à XCOM 2, a must have for amateurs of tactical games on tour par tour.

Vivez la Seconde Guerre mondiale autrement

This week, place to cards, un jeu où l’on revit la Seconde Guerre mondiale, mais avec des cartes. This title combines traditional gameplay collectible card games with a mechanical inspiration from the classics of strategy. In addition, one of the 5 factions (the Japanese, the Allemands, the Americans, the Soviets and the English), the faucet you build a deck, in a single unit and work orders (infantry, bowls, artillery, aircraft), you can plan a strategy ahead of other players. Le but sera alors de detriment of the General Quarter (QG) de son of the enemy.

To fur and to measure the party, the player to win the games lui permettront d’acheter des packet of cards. Inspired by Hearthstone et al Legends of Runetera, Cardi This is the development and editing of the trading card game of the 1939 Games in 2019.

Cardi it is available from May 19, 17 hours, and from February 26, 17 hours, just here.


A little fun for people and people who want to have a drink: they can help you find out the problems you can find in the Epic Games Store. Dans ce cas-là, pas d’inquiétude: il vous suffit tout simplement d’aller voir du côté de la double double identification. See next procedure, step by step:

  • Connect to your account on the Epic Games store website and rendez-vous in the parameters
  • Click on the motto “Mot de passe et sécurité”
  • Activez l ‘authentication à deux facteurs
  • Select authentication or email or SMS authentication and authentication feature

Quantity at the end of the Epic Games Store’s free game, it’s a devastating identity plus a day in the day.

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