Gerald Darmanin announced action against his hometown on May 13. One of the 700 operations this weekend is fixed.

Ne vous étonnez pas si vous voyez se multiplier le nombre de posts relatant the interpellation of urban rioters on social issues. Gerald Darmanin, Ministry of the Interior, Vient en effet de demander aux forces de l’ordre «On Saturday and Sunday (May 13, Ndlr) of deterministic actions to make a face to this phenomenon ».

The objective is fixed to « 700 operations over the weekend« help, in a telegram addressed to responsible for the police and the gendarmerie. A message don’t the AFP know. Ces actions devront notamment prendre la forme d ‘“Coordination operations” significant “A la system of use of used engines« .

And the minister of demand «Une communication locale to the destination of the population and the population on social issues and in the press« . A manner of asserting that the forces of the adjutant and the dissuader? The conclusion is a message in the declarant’s account of the staff’s implication “Pour put it in order to support it« .

Up to 27,000 interventions in 2021, for 3,206 violations

In the ciphers, the infractions of life to the genre of commerce are very strong. Chancellery of the Chancellery explosé de… 1 400% depuis 2018. This year 2021 is marked by one increase de près de 40% de convictions.

The past year, three people are decadent in the urban rhodes. 26,912 interventions on été menées, for 3,206 violations. Ainsi National Police saisi “1242 engines” and place « 987 people in sight on the foundation of the loi du August 3, 2018. This is a great place, especially for urban rhodes. She can enter a prison and 15,000 euros each for a division of this genre.

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