Google has developed the profit of the I / O 2022 conference to present a series of new security features and data protection. Protected site, the newest principle is the generalization of anti-malware protection and anti-phishing in its Workspace game. Detectives with Gmail can be used with malware codes and rights. Desormais, ils le seront également dans le traitement de texte Docs, le tableur Sheets et la visionneuse Slides.

It is not surprising, with the augmentation of the number of televisions, the pirates are adapting and developing more than one of the scenarios of attacking funds on the documents of religious parcels.
The overture of a phone call should be used to generate simulator alerts that you can use on Gmail. This new protection box is active for all users of Google Workspace here at the end of the year.

Cote protection data, Google and add new control tools. The first thing you can do is suppress the results of your search engine for your contact details: phone numbers, bed addresses, electronic addresses. This procedure will be accessible to some people in the Google mobile app, as it is possible to find the three points you can use as a result of an individual search result.

The second way out is a new baptismal panel “My Ad Center” with the configurator, as well as with personal journalists, which are added to the search on YouTube. The utilizer for the total decontaminator – who does not suppress the pubs, but the most expensive onions. The extra parameters in the detail of the subject who is interested. The user will be available at the end of the year.

Enfin, Google continues to develop the developer of advanced methods to protect personal data, such as the application of the federation or differential confidentiality. All of these new techniques are disseminated in the appellation “Protected Calculations”. The idea is to favor the maximum treatment of local data and to apply the anonymization procedures.

Source : Google

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