“The city of Grigny is particularly attentive to the quality of water and the health of its inhabitants and to the fact that this information is relevant to the subject,” explained the communiqué of the municipality. pollution of water fluids in Pierre-Benite.

Repellent that the security and the sanctity of its concitements are one of its major concerns, the mother has immediately joined the Attack with the competent. In addition to a courier addressed to the prefect, co-signed with his homology of Givors, Mohamed Boudjellaba, Xavier Odo, Maire de Grigny, in the interpellation of the Regional Health Agency. “Lors d’un telephonic, his director is a raccoon and is engaged in a complete return of information before the end of the week. The rappelé qu’aucun element of science n’Etablissait aujourd’hui un danger sur la consommation de l’eau. With regard to our current activities, there is no change in our support, which is communicated. The assembly of the services of the Villa de Grigny remains mobilized on this capital. »

The municipality is committed to informing the population about the evolution of its achievements.

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