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Guinean authorities do not lack the example of their current content: CEDEAO rejeté la transition from 36 mois proposée par les militaires au pouvoir, que estiment ne pas avoir de leçon à recevoir. Correspondence to Conakry de Malick Diakité.

South Africa under the invasion of crickets plus more destruction in 25 years. The farmers of Trois province battent against the flesh, alors qu’ils sortent tout juste d’une sécheresse de sept ans. The South African government has allocated 5 million euros for aid. Report by Caroline Dumas, Stefano Carstens and Nadine Theron.

The attacking Gabonais du FC Barcelona Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang announced that he had ended up in an international career. “After 13 years of celebrating to represent my country, you are announcing that I have a term in my international career. I have to thank the Gabonese people and all those who are my souvenirs in the best of the world”, in a letter .

The Biennale d’Africain Contemporain de Dakar is open to Jews in Dakar. After a report in 2020 on the reason of Covid, the 14th edition of the jusqu’au 21 June was the masterpiece of contemporary continental creation. The artists are installed in the Senegalese capital to expose their works. Sarah Saho is all the visitors of the international exposition that took place before the official coup.

Enfin Bantunani, the French-Congolese artist, star of Afrofunk, is not only invited to present his new album “Cosmogony”, which will be released on May 20. The musician described this novel as a “cosmic voyage”.

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