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On the basis of war in Ukraine and inflation, the price of gold, one of the principal resources of Guyana, contains a strong augmentation of several plus weeks. The local miners operate on a regular basis, all of which are highly certified, as well as oil keels, augmenting in the same time. This conjuncture favors the development of the illegal organization, a place against the luttent notation of local authorities and associations of the defense of the environment.

In Guyana toujours, the three forts pluies tombent depuis une semaine de part et d’autres du territory. Flowers and rivers are in the cruise, as in Camopi, on the front line with Brussels. Le Village is totally foreign and the harvested crops are lost.

In the Antilles, a new port of honor in the Chlordacon dossier, a pesticide used in banana trees that is durably polluted in Martinique and Guadeloupe. It is a new study, the only ones to be disinfected are the best ones, first of all, thanks to the bacteria. Par endroits, les traces du pesticide pourraient avoir disparu d’ici 2070.

The distance from the Caribbean of Europe to the East, the war in Ukraine is close to an echo of Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy. Many of these beautiful yacht yachts are regulated by Russian oligarchs. The luxury of sailing is in the frame of economic sanctions against Russia.

Polynesia has been restored to touch the energy price augmentation. Gas and carburetors and are accustomed to Asia and Australia. Most of the rates depend on the exchange rate on the World Cup.

On the island of La Réunion, an operation to re-advertise more to reconstruct the brilliant forces. The benefits replant an endemic tree, the tamarin.