Andre Cornu luttait depuis plusieurs mois contre la maladie. It is 63 years old. Il était né le October 10, 1958. Andre Corneau received this maire de la commune of Saint-Germain-Laprade in 2014 and réélu en 2020 with 71.66% of the electoral rights. However, it is important to have a term of office, municipal delegation and departmental adviser, next year for health reasons. “Lorsque vos forces disinuent, que les soins réclament du repos et de la uponibilité, lorsqu’on a besoin de consacrer du temps à sa famille, il faut faire les choix qui s’imposent”, avait alors confié au Progrèsélu.

The Football Club de Saint-Germain-Laprade is one of the premieres to make part of the social network. Andre Cornu became a member of the club suspension of old age. “They are gentle and their empathy is beyond us,” he wrote.

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