Several Delhi University (DU) students who have appeared or are about to appear for the semester exams have filed an application with the Delhi High Court challenging the university’s order to hold personal exams. DU on February 11 issued a notice that the exam for the even semester will be held offline in May 2022. HC has now rejected the recall, according to the ANI news agency.

The petition also aimed to hold the current semesters in open book format. He also added that because classes were held online, students could not be asked to take the exam offline.

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The petition said that more than 65 percent of the students studying at the University of Delhi are students who do not work and do not have their own vehicles to travel to DU to appear for semester exams. Applicants and other DU students who have completed the semester online may not be forced to take the exam offline, the petition adds.

“This is not the time to issue an order. However, the court gave the applicants the right to go to court again if the circumstances change, ”Judge Echo Pali said, the news agency reports.

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As many as eight students, along with other students of the State University, stated that regardless of the order of February 9, classes were held online, for which they were occasionally given links to attend classes. Lawyer Ajay Kumar Shrivastov postponed the petition to Delhi HC and said that in the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic DU should reconsider the notice it gave, dated 11 February.

The request also noted that due to the situation with Covid-19 in Delhi, the university will conduct an inaugural function of the annual celebration online, and added that there are no excuses for conducting even semester exams offline.

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