Screenwriter and showrunner of the series Moon Knight, Jeremy Slater, Vient de justifier, en interview, l’abssence d’un des méchants les plus emblematics du personnage. Prime Minister du Schwalier de la Lun in comics, the protagonist of which is a mystery in which there is no show produced at Disney +. Explications.

Lunar Knight: Premiere in Comics

Moon Knight was created in 1975 from Doug Mench and Don Pearlin Werewolf at night No. 32. On the debut, the character is also one of his current identities. Mark Spector is a simple mercenary which works to the fullest. Il n’a pas encore son Problem de l’identité, et n’a aucun rapport avec l’Egypte et Khonshu. One of the ladies who gave the Moon Knight costume to the guard was a secret identity against the authorities. On donc donc encore three loin de toute the psychological, religious and horrible dimension of the anime of the person of aujourd’hui.

The premier mission is a werewolfa loup-garou à la fois dangereux mais aussi facte de sa propre malédiction. Jack Russell does not have time to remain silentmais lorsque la pleine lune pointe le bout de son nez, il devient le terrible loup-garou Ваўкалак. Un personnage inventé in 1972 dance Marvel Spotlight № 2 from Mike Plow and Roy Thomas. The series Werewolf at night hardness 43 numbers and a few permits to give birth to Moon Knight, who, by the way, was in a comic series.

The Absence of Werewolft is explicit

Important, Minority importance, Пърэварацень is the grand absentee of the series Moon Knight. Screenwriter and showrunner Jeremy Slater, microde explanation forest raisins from the absence of celery loup-garou. I confirmed that the Jamaican European discussions are clear about the introduction of the werewolf studio Marvel Studios and Kevin Faigy, who are planning authoring plans for the character:

Il n’y a pas eu de discussions sur Werewolf by Night en soi, simplement parce qu’ils avaient déjà des plans pour lui. Kevin Feige gave him an idea about the way he didn’t use it, but he didn’t give his all the time. I am all out in the black of you. In my discourses, one of the images that I used was a photo of Moon Knight combining a loophole of 12 feet with high diamonds. Moon Knight peut affronter les voleurs et les trafiquants de drogue et tout. But she’s also a monster hunter and she’s the one who’s present and she’s the one who made her debut.

Comvent souvent, Kevin Faigy is in the suite with ideas, et sait quand et où il il veut introduire les personages de l’écurie Marvel Comics. The great mantel of Marvel Studios is a good idea The wolf gets no place in the Moon Knight series. What is not totally wrong for the best. The show focuses on Egyptian mythology, and Worewolf aurait sans doute fait tache dans le beachage. The character has an aura of certainness plus the legitimacy of be introduced to a production as Blade, or in a hypothetical film about them Midnight Sons. Affair à suivre donc, mais une chose est sûre, Worewolf is an incredible appearance in the Marvel movie universe (MCU).

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