9:05: Macron “makes the synth of all that is good for France”, Judge Eric Wert

On the Platau of the Public Senate, the President of the Commission on Finance of the National Assembly justifies his department of the Republic for the Republic of Emmanuel Macron. “Je n’ai pas quitté ma famille politique, LR a dérivé, j’ai tenté de l’empêcher, mais il y avait un equilibre à l’UMP qui a été perdu, juge Eric Woerth. Emanuel Macron is the explosive of facts. It is the synthesis of all that is good for France. »

The State of Oise salute exemplifies the reform of the envisaged reforms of President-elect Macron, leading the report on the legal report of the 65-year-old department. This reform “in the rhine of youth” is still. “It’s one of the many structural reforms that will bring good news in the past: you will live longer, said Eric Woerth. This time is divided between the time of work and the time of retreat. »

9 a.m .: Candidates Neuf passent leur grand oral devant les élus locaux

The Association of the Maires of France (AMF) organizes a meeting between new candidates and the local territories of the “Territories of the Union” – the AMF, the Assembly of the Departments of France and the Regions of France – for which the applicants support the present program in the form of local liberties. Fabien will be the first to pass the slogan at 10 am. The day concludes with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, which is an example to start at 15:30. Eric Zemmour was present at 4pm after the end of the series, which was absent as Jean-Luc Melanchon and Emanuel Macron.

Suivez on direct auditions of candidates for candidates in the “Rencontre des libertés locales”

The Ebra group offers you the supreme right to live directly from the candidates for the presidency in front of the local councils, lors of this event initiated by the Association of French Mares (AMF) and its partners in the Assembly of France and the regions and regions France.

8 hours 49 minutes: Julien Denarmande entertaining the flow of the direction of the Macron Campaign

On the eve of the officialization of the candidacy of the head of the State, Julien Denormandie was present for the director of the Campagne d’Emmanuel Macron. “I am the Minister of Agriculture and Alimentation, I am the Minister of the Rescue and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Inter. In retaliation, I am engaged in the quotas of the candidate, as I am involved in the main reasons for the annals. »

8:37: Lassalle continues campaign, “pour instant”

Malgré les prondages qui le placentre entre 1 et 2%, Jean Lassalle poursuit sa campagne. “Je continue ma campagne pour l’instant”, exact candidate Resistons au micro de Sud Radio. “In the moments when he intervenes in a manner that is not possible to be more useful than his own,” he said.

8 hours 28 minutes: “Valery Pecres with Recycling in the Program”, Ral Marlene Schiap

At the Micro of Europe 1, the Minister of the Chargé d’Affaires de la Citoyenneté reacted to the accusations, noting the work of the team of Valérie Pécresse, and the Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Council, represented the measures in the programs. “Valérie Pécresse cét la reine du recyclage en terme de programme, zaradi Marlen Skiapa. She copied a collection of some of the elements of Eric Zemmour, one of the best. […] This is the hospital that has lost its charity. It is a course of the Republic of Africa by Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. »

8:23: “Democracy in France is not more than a legend”, denounce Lasalle

The candidate for Resistance has played a role in four contenders for the upper hand – with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Arthaud – not to have met this great convention of great politics. “Democracy in France is not a legend, Jean Lassalle. I am a candidate, we are two. I reply all the cases. What happened here? [lundi] misunderstand. »

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7 hours 58 minutes: Gabriel Attal clearly clarified that in the “permanent debate” from Macron

«Ca veut dire que quand on ouvre de grands chantiers – il va y en avoir sur l’école, sur la santé … – il faut pouvoir échanger avec les Français, les principaux contractés, indique le porte-parole du plateauvernement sur le France 2. If you ask the question of education: change with the parents of the elves, the representatives of the teachers, the elves. It can be a local level… This is a new method of applying. »

7:52 a.m .: Pour Louis Aliot (RN), Le Pen «other priorities» to debate with Pécresse

Lundi, Marine Le Pen interinait le fait qu’elle ne débattrait pas avec Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Eric Zemmour, mais surtout Valérie Pécresse, avec laquelle la Candidate du Rassemblement National souhaitait pourtant échanger quelques semaôt. “He is at the end of the campaign, I think he has other priorities,” said Louis Alliot, mayor of RN de Perpignan, at the RMC.

It is said that “it is not strictly necessary” to participate in an issue as between Valérie Pécresse and Eric Zemmour on March 10, a “permanent pugilat” in the “General Cacophony”.

7:46: Габриэль Аталь added new news to the debate between Macron and his adversaries

Sur le Platau de France 2, the porte-parole of the governor repeats the arguments of the majority to justify the fact that Emmanuel Macron did not debate with his adversaries before the premier tour. “On this very day you will not be able to debate, assures Gabriel Attalus. Vous auriez, sur deux heures d’emission, 1h50 de candidats que chercheraient leur moment avec le pésident de la République pour créer une form de buzz, et un président qui n’aurait même pas dix minute pour interpell’ense des réponse. »

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7:29: “Le pouvoir ne veut pas de petits candidats”, paprok Arto, pas conviée par TF1

Lundi soir, the issue «La France face à la garre» de TF1 reunissait huit des douze candidats à l’presidentialle. Philippe Putou, Nicolas Dupont-Enyan, Jean Lassalle and Natalie Artaud n’étaient pas conviés. “I am very small, as soon as I am able to explain and defend my policy, recruit the candidate of Lutte to open the RMC micro. C’est quelque chose de très classicique. »

Natali Arto: “I do not want to go to the youngsters of Ellysées, and I do not want to go without more than five candidates, and the strengths of the revolutionary candidates in the political debate.”

7:03: Hidalgo and Russell in a meeting, Macron-sur-le-Terraine-depress-des-Ukrainian refugees

Presidential candidate Macron is in downtown Maine-et-Loire, which is in the heart of the Bannier d’Ange. The meeting of Ukrainian families arrives during the last few days of the 13,500 current trials in France. The President will present to the participants his project of a Jewish press conference.

At the end of the political era, Anne Hidalgo (PS) has held a conference of 19-year-old Pres Po press in Paris. Fabien Russell, PCF presidential candidate, sera lui en meeting in Valenciennes.

For another event of the day, Eric Zemmour (Reconquête!) Will open 20 hours of his official campaign.

This is the candidate’s request card

According to the report for 2017, after 10% of the earnings in the month, we are mobilized to parry a candidate for the presidential election of 2022. Some of them are interested in parrainages, ilmamuni de notamment descom00 ilmamuni de habites2.

> Our paper of analysis is to be read here.

7:02: Morning invitations

France – 7:38: Gabriel Attalus, Porte-parole du gouvernement
RMC – 7:40: Louis Alliot, Vice President of the National Association and Mayor de Perpignan
Public Senate – 8 a.m .: Eric Wert, Oise MP and Emanuel Macron Chairman of the Finance and Bra Committee
Sud Radio – 8:15: Jean Lassalle, MP of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and presidential candidate (Resiston)
RMC / BFMTV – 8:30: Geoffroy Roux de Béziers, President du Medéf

7h01: Candidate huit, but after the debate … what do you think about the TF1 soir competition?

Candidates are so lucky to be on TF1, in the issue of the issue “La France face à la guerre”. Pas debata mais une sequences of interviews and explanations of programs. Retrieve our article on the profession of candidates.

> Ce qu’il faut retenir de la soirée est aussi à lire ici.

The information on the day of the day

  • Valerie Pecres has become the official baptism program for her son “Le courage de faire”. Marine Le Pen is quantitatively present in the measures for retrieving a powerful energy.
  • Marine Le Pen refuses to take part in the debates of Valerie Pecres, Eric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Melanchon, “comte tenu de notre niveau électoral”, the exact environment of his son.
  • Florian Philippot became the candidate for the French debut of Nicolas Dupont-Enyan.
  • Эмануэль Макрон presentera jeudi après-midi son projet présidentiel lors d’une press conference.

7 o’clock: Welcome to the direct conference on political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.