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If you want to live with your homosexuality, you can represent a psychologist, you will have the right to a legal law of 40 years. In 1982, the Consensus Day was founded on the 21st and 18th of 18 to pour homosexuals in France, which in the past was the first time in the world. Une loi historique qui a uvert la voie à d’importantes libertés civiles, dont la legalize en 2013 du mariage pour tous ou mariage homosexuel. But the rest of the obstacle is to be saved.

Bernard Bouseau, one of the last French condominiums for the reason of his homosexuality, has a tendency in this issue.

Malgré is an evolution of mentalities, the coexistence of LGBT people + demeure of violence and discrimination. Sebastian Tuler, a lawyer in charge of LGBT + issues at Amnesty International in France, said that the law against the acts of homophobes was insufficient.

Enfin, à Clermont-Ferrand, Timothée Curado, a professor of physics and chemistry, is a member of the social network TikTok for the rest of his life, but also for helping young people who are intrigued by their sexual orientation.