five circonscription

In June 2017, the legislators, Natalie Sarles, advised the mayor of Villerest to include the incumbent, reporting on the Cinque Cirque of the Loire with 53.13% of the vote. Five years later, the sorted deputy issued by the civil society – to this inspiring and informative person – is now 60 years old, very repulsive. D’autant que le Roannais garnered 54.23% of the vote in the Republic in March (LREM) lors du second round de la présidentielle le 24 Avril dernier.

“I defends a majority of you, with various appetites that you can do to have a lot of bad crises”

Nathalie Sarles sera-t-elle portée par une vague macroniste comme il ya cinq ans, quand elle avait battu Clotilde Robin (LR) soutenue par Yves Nicolin, lui-même député de la circonscription pendant 01993?

“The context is different. Aujourd’hui, we are in the presence of three blocks: the extreme right that ferait sorts France in the rank of …