11:51: Emanuel Macron goes to a show near the corpse

The president is the only one who is the head of the army, in the garden of the Elysée for the drapery and the passage in the revue of troupes.

This part of the ceremony commune par le salut du canon. 21 coup sont tirés.

The orchestra of the Republican Guard is here Marseillecan read the Baghdad of Lann-Bihoué (de Lorient) Between land and sea, at the request of Emanuel Macron. En effet, ce morceau a déjà été joué durant son précédent quinquennat pour rendre aux hommages aux soldats tués dans leur fonction.

Emanuel Macron remembers the soldiers “for the sake of the engagement”, all in the remembrance “our brothers died in France”. “Mercy.”

The president in the garden, for the Military Party of the Ceremony

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11:22: After the discourses, Emmanuel Macron remembers the invitations

President Serre des mains dans la salte des fetes, et prend des invités dans les bras, notamment les mothers de Samuel Paty, le professeur assassiné in October 2020.

11:08: Emanuel Macron about his son’s fight

“The conscience of the gravity of my time. The French people have the opportunity to open a project, a European project, independence in a destabilizing world. Touring the two demagogues. »

“It simply came to our notice then. »

“The French people have not extended their term of office. Ce peuple nouveau, différent d’il ya cinq ans, a confieé à un presiden nouveau, un mandat nouveau. »

“The conscience of the gravity of my time. “And the three of them said: ‘agir, aimer et servir».

«Agir ne signifiera pas enchaîner le pays. L’action en ces temps est jumelle du dissemblement, du respect, de l’association de tous. The fact that we are together, we have an inventory of new methods to help us find a new product, social and ecological. »

“A partisan of the assembled objects, an associate of the ensemble of living forces to decide and do. I am sure that our country will be able to determine the great national ambitions and freedom of initiative initiatives in the country. »

“It simply came to our notice then. Chacun and aura with a part of responsibility. »

“It simply came to our notice then. We have an ensemble to play chemin and to watch a voyage. “The President appeals to ‘act without respect’ for ‘being a nation plus an independent’ and for ‘constructing our French and European responses to our history’.

“Soyons fidèles aux valeurs de liberté, d’egalité, de fraternité et de laïcité. Continuons of the Republic of America and what matters. »

It is a “tool of allocating a planet plus a living” and “a France plus a fortress”.

“Aimons notre pays. On sent battre le coeur de ce vieux peuple enraciné qui a offert au monde les rêves les plus fous. La France does not want to inspire the world. »

“This trustworthy fragile touches, every mother remisses for a reason, is the sole of our freedom regime. Chaque jour, je n’aurai qu’une boussole: servir notre pays. »

And the chlorine with the traditional “Live the Republic, live France”.

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11:03: Laurent Fabius, President of the Constitutional Council, announces the President

According to the protocol, the President of the Constitutional Council announce the results of the presidential election and announce the President Emanuel Macron.

The rappella in the discourse of the pandemic and the difficult social.

And from the citation of Victor Hugo: “In these troubled times, they are the servants of the right and the slaves of the devout.”

11:00: Emanuel Macron arrives at his son’s investment

The president, who saw the protocol, arrived at the ceremony for the ceremony.

10:58: The investment program is ready first

The ceremony to be debuted, followed by the protocols suivi lors des precedent investitures, par proclamation of the official results of the election by the President of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius.

The president must be present at the grand meeting of the honorary member of the Legion of Honor. You can also find discourses before the personalities of the invitations, dont the presidents of the two chambers of parliament, Richard Ferrand (National Assembly) and Gerard Larcher (Senate).

Midi, Emanuel Macron passed in a review of the forest of corpses in the gardens of the Champs Elysees, in the salute of the canon and others. Marseille played by the orchestra of the Republican Guard.

10:55: Emanuel Macron’s parents on a date

The president’s parents arrive réélu sont. Our planes interrogated the subject of the presidency of their children: I find that I have a lot of courage and that the French are very important but not new. J’approuve 90% de qu’il fait. It’s not 100% up. I am not a member of a sect. »

10:42: Jean Castex has arrived

The Prime Minister is Arrivé for the Ceremony. Ainsi que Bruno Le Maire, Gérald Darmanin and Jean-Michel Blanquer.

The interior of the Elysée, the invités visitor

10:40: The invitations Continuent d’Arriver

Parmi les près of 450 invités, on count one school of 6is de l Oise labellisée Paris 2024, la veuve du premier medécine décédé du Covid, une sage-femme rencontrée à Marseille, plusieurs maires qui ont organisé le grand debata, mais aussi Didier Deschamps, or Françeunes Guuélélénénéné Parké

The other presidents are, by the way, Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. This is a premier, car jusqu’à maintenant, les anciens president of y participating pas.

10:35: Why is a Grand Collier of the Legion of Honor presented to Emmanuel Macron?

This is an instant immigrant of the Presidential Investment Ceremony of 1881. The Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor after the official proclamation of the results of the President of the Constitutional Council.

Ce samedi, the expert accompanying the presentation of the Grand Colier de la Légion d’honneur, is rehearsing in the identity of General Puga, acting in 2017, and President Emmanuel Macron. In 1966, General Catroux and General De Gaulle were appointed to a second term.

En tant que grand maître de la Légion d’honneur, le chef de l’État statue en dernier ressort sur toutes les questions careant l’institution. This is, of course, the validity of the nominations and the promotion of destinations to compensate for military and civilian merits in all domains.

A millimeter ceremony

The installation of a new president will take place in the frame of a solo ceremony of the investment.

She went to the hall of the palaces of the Palace of the Elysee. The insignia de grand-croix de la Légion d’honneur lui sont remis par le grand chancellor de la Légion d’honneur. The official official presidency of the lecture on the proclamation of proclamation by the President of the Constitutional Council, by Laurent Fabius (since 2016). At the end of the ceremony, the military honors are in order for the Republican Guard.

10:22: Emanuel Macron, relu, mais sans tapis rouge

Five days ago after the first election, May 7, 2017, Emmanuel Macron will be the only member of the Republic for the second time. The ceremony, which responds to an immunological republican ritual, is more than that of the first year. No repairs to Ellysées en Command machine military. No visit to the Hotel de Ville de Paris. Not a bad thing.

On the official agenda of the President, there is no other request that we are ready.

10:15: Welcome in the direct or new minutes of the investment ceremony – on the occasion of the reinvestment – of Emmanuel Macron at the same time as the President of the Republic.