Zapping Autonews Bentley Bentayga EWB (2022): new SUV declaration and video

We do not know if you have a previous entry between these two motorists that will be against you, it is the fact that they are not in good condition for the SUV driver.

Et pourtant, c’est lui qui a lance les hostilités dans cette video capturée par une voitu equipe d’une dashcam et positionnée derrière l’action. On top of that, take the 4×4 debugger in full swing to place it on the truck.

A day in the field, it would be nice to want to be intimidated by the little fights and the coups to fly a little too small. Oui mais voilà, il ne faut jamais faire trop le malin avec un truck i encore moins avec celui-ci visiblement.

The face of the car à ces threats, le poids lourd a tout naturally reply. But it responds to this well plus the farm and it’s to die.

You will be able to drive the SUV driver and you will be able to find the arms at the end of the course in the fossa situated on the couch.

A good lesson

Cela lui apprendra au moins l’humilité. In order to make the raspberry face to a poor weight, this motorist will lose the battle and the beauty. Que ça lui serve de leçon pour la prochaine fois, les road rage ne servent à rien.

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