It will tell you about your heart risk and whether you might have an event later in life, not necessarily a heart attack.”

IHL has developed a technology-based heart health calculator that serves as a preventive tool that helps assess heart risk using several factors, including age, BMI, arterial pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Speaking on measures to prevent heart attacks through heart health metrics and lifestyle changes during IHL Wellness Matters Episode-13 on Heart Health: Preventive Measures and Strategies in association with HEAL Foundation, Dr Satyender Goel, Founder & CEO India Health Link (IHL ) said, “We need to educate the general public about heart health in India and around the world, and IHL is constantly working to spread awareness about preventive care and provide various solutions for this. We want every adult over 18 to be able to track their health, including heart health, using simple metrics.”

Dr. Goel further said, “After submitting your personal health information, you can use our free heart health measurement app or heart health calculator by simply entering a simple value of your blood pressure, weight, height and general lifestyle habits. It will tell you about your heart risk and whether you might have an event in your life, not necessarily a heart attack.’

Speaking on preventive healthcare, India Health Link (IHL) co-founder and president Dr. Swadeep Srivastava said, “To fill the existing gap in preventive healthcare, India Health Link (IHL) has introduced the first-of-its-kind connected ‘human-centric’ ecosystem, Phygital ( physical+digital) of screening, which includes the award-winning Health Pod (“hPod”) – a “Made in India” Health ATM. Through the Health ATM, people can get screened for more than 20 vital health parameters, including BP, weight, SpO2, BMI, BMC, heart rate, temperature and ECG, within 5 minutes, followed by an instant report without the assistance of a paramedic.”

Elaborating on the IHL Heart Health Calculator, Dr. Goel said, “We aim to provide every Indian citizen with a heart assessment tool to assess cardiac risks. To do this, we have developed the IHL Heart Health Calculator, although it is based on the Mayoclinic health system, but made using the Framingham study, which is carried out worldwide. We took the Framing Study, its update, and the ASCVD Risk Score, a recent American Heart Association calculator, and combined them to get the most accurate risk calculator predictions. It’s in an app for Android and Apple, but we also have medical equipment called a health kiosk that measures blood pressure and other vital signs for this score. However, this is just a calculator that shows the likelihood that this may happen, based on your vital signs, family history and lifestyle, so that you can take preventative measures. I can tell you that it is the most widely used calculator, and all the famous doctors would probably agree that the Framingham study is the gold standard.”

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