Marcel Bertone. In the 4th arrondissement, a small place in the hallway of this resistance. A great man is not a souvenir is engraved in the wall, in history and in memories. A name for many other people in Lyon, who designed the streets, avenues, boulevards, bridges, places, schools ….

Plus de parte

And the women in everything? In public space, your name is rare. According to the statistics of the world, only 12% of Russian women have a female name. A non-historical sense. An indifference to the image of inequality that subsists touches between women and men in all the spheres of life, public, private, professional. A combat policy that can also be used to install more than parity in a toponym that is very masculine.

Preferred in the International Journal of Women’s Rights, the feminist militants of the “Nous toutes” collection decided to rebuild the public space to a great comfort of the colleges and the best small things. Sous Marcel Bertone, the great Joséphine Baker, resisted, militant of civil rights, engaged against racism and a symbol of the emancipation of women, who would be able to enter the Pantheon, see the place. Dans le 9e, la rue des Tanneurs est devenue la rue Jameela Jamil, nee en 1986, actrice et militante britannique. La rue Saint-Michel, dans le 7e, est devenue la rue Yseult du nom de la chanteuse feministe. Il ya aussi la rue Lauren Bastide, publice engagée pour l’egalité dans les médias …

Josephine Baker Street

This is not the first time that a feminist collector will organize an action. Déjà en 2019, il avait renommé certaines rues de noms de femmes marquantes pour rétablir la balance dans les representations. Depuis les Verts sont arrivés au pouvoir, decidant d’accélérer le reéquilibrage de la parité dans les denominations des rues lyonnaises. But the weather is fast. “90% of the new denominations are based on the name of a woman” in the last few days, Florence Delaunay, who adheres to the gender status of women, has made 50 to 60 words in the new man. La prochaine aura lieu le vendreddi March 11 at 17 h 30 dans le 7e arrondissement. Une nouvelle rue se verra baptiser du nom de Joséphine Baker.