The beautiful rattlesnakes at the time of the lor de deux deux années placees sous cloche, les eleveurs du Doubs! Déjà, for the Salon de l’Agriculture 2022, ils avaient explosé le plafond historique du nombre de nombre de montbéliardes inscrites pour décrocher le Graal à Paris.

The current screenplay is a rehearsal for the competition of the Prestige of the Race of Montbéliard, the 25th and the 26th of May in Besançon Micropolis, lors de la Foire comtoise. To this department of competition, as well as 140 operations on records 418 montbéliardes! Du jamais vu. To do what you want to do on the front lines of the Journals of the Three Commissions who are on the length of a day and many of the findings.

25 VAC …

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