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The North Korean army has intensified, probably, the distribution of medicines for lutter against the Covid-19 epidemic. Very critical of his governance, the conductor Kim Jong In ordinné le confinement national d’une population non-vaccinée alors que les hopitaux sont sous-equipés et que le pays n’a pas les capacités pour tester massivement sa population.

The North Korean army has intensified the distribution of medicines destined for the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, announced on March 17, the KCNA official press agency that has a state of 5 million since .

Reigning Kim Jong Un national imprisonment for spreading the virus nationally, not popularization. He also lives to criticize the government and the sanitary authorities for the management of the epidemic, in particular the capacity to maintain permanent pharmacies in permanence.

Descent of the members of the Corée Armée popular services, in tenou de camouflage, onté vus en train de se rassembler dans la capitale Pyongyang sur des Photos Publiées par KCNA. The army “deployed in the emergency department with strong forces in all the pharmacies of the city of Pyongyang and the commencement of medicines in the field of a service proposed 24 h / 24”, announced KCNA.

Kim Jong Un criticizes his son’s government

Depuis que le states a announcé son premier cas de Covid jeudi dernier, le dirigeant a pris personnellement en main la lutte contre l’epidémie, qui, selon lui, provoque “de grands bouleversements” dans le pays. The authorities have a state of more than 1.48 million from the “fièvre” and 56 deaths of the Apparition of Covid in the country and “at least 663,910 people have the medical treatment.” Be the source.

The authorities have intensified the sensitization campaigns in the media and pharmaceutical laboratories on the increase in the production of medicines, affirmed by KCNA.

High-end equipment

The Nordic-Korean health system of this class, 193 of 195, has a study at the Johns Hopkins American University. The hopitaux du pays are notoriously self-equipped, with some of their intensive units. If the experts don’t pay, then you can get rid of Covid-19 and not be able to use them to increase your population.

“The plurality of Nord-Coréns suffers from a chronic malnutrition and is not vaccinations, but it is practically a practice plus medical drugs in the country and the sanitary infrastructure is incapable of making a face of this pandemic,” and, a specialist in the field of Human Rights Watch. She appeals to the international community to offer medicines, vaccines and infrastructure to the North Corée.

The new President of the Southern Corps, Yoon Suk-yeol, has taken a position plus a durer who is a predecessor to his son-in-law, until the nuclear army. Lundi, il a affirmé devant l’Assemblée nationale qu’il “n’hésiterait pas à fournir l’aide nécessaire au peuple nord-coréen” à umova qu’il l’accepte. Just present, Pyongyang did not respond to the offer to Séoul, but to the South Korean Ministry of Unification.

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