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Iran has confirmed that it has arrested two French reporters who have been able to provoke the authorities to provoke trouble in the presence of representatives of trade unions, reporting on television.

Two French recruiters are well under arrest in Iran, confirmed on May 17 by the Iranian authorities, who have been able to provoke trouble by meeting representatives of trade union representatives.

The television of the State of Iran diffused images of these two people, a woman of 37 years and a man of 69 years, after arriving in the Islamic Republic on April 28 with all the tours of Leur7qu, arrested tourists in May.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has monitored the two members of the organizations’ organizations and the co-ordinator with specific persons who are considered as members of the trade union of employees” créer des troubles ».

In a diffused audio file by the media, a female voice, presented as one of the French arrests, affirmed in English: “This is a battle to retain the Iranian majority.” Et un homme, qui serait le second resorsitant arrêté, dit, également en anglais: «Nous devrions construire un ‘package’rvolutionnaire».

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The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced last year, on May 11, the arrest of two European actresses who wanted to “destabilize” the country, without specifying their nationality. Lendemain, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has declared that he is a member of the French, without identifying, and condoming the arrests as being “without foundation”, appealing to the Liberation of Immigration.

The authorities of the Iranian Retail Prisoners, plus foreign recruiting agents for the motives of political policies, considered the fact that Tehran is very pressured to file a lawsuit against the authorities on business negotiations.

Designer’s arrests

Iran is currently in charge of the manifestations of regulations against professors against their working conditions. Plus entries in these arrests, entraining the other manifestations of liberal liberation.

In its debut, ONG Human Rights Watch calls for the release of 40 people who have been arrested for events that may have included national manifestations since May.

Responsible syndical of education in Iran, Rasoul Bodaghi, and this condominium in the fifth round of the prison in Avril for participation in the manifestations of insignia, selon une Organization de defense des droits humans.

Lundi, l’agence de presse Mehr a announcé l’arrestation d’un chercheur universitaire supúçonné d’avoir “commis des actes portant atteinte à la sécurité nationale”.

Professor of Sociology at the University of Allameh Tabatabaï in Tehran, Said Madani Ghahfarokhi, 61, is “a member of the Ministry of Education with the help of a traitor and the owner of the most important acts in pay”, without details.

Manifestations of Nombreuses

After 2018, the importers imposed economic sanctions on the United States, Iran has a gallant inflation of more than 40%, which will hit the stock market.

Last week, Tehran announced a series of measures, noting the levée of subsidies on farina and the augmentation of the price of certain denars as well as the best products.

The centaines of the persons are the descendants of the rue in the plusieurs of the Iranian villas for the manifesto, notamment dans la province de Tehran, selon l’agence de presse officie Irna.

Ces dernières années, de nombreuses manifests onu eu lieu dans le pays for reclamer de meilleures condition de vie et une hausse des salaires, notamment en novembre 2019 après une augmentation des prix du carburant.

Selon les authorities, 230 people avaient alors été tuées dans des violence liées aux manifestations. Experts working for the UN evoked a balance of 400 deaths.

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