May Calamawy incarna officially a new figure of the Marvel Universe. But what exactly is it?

The Marvel Universe is not a big one, but two more heroes, with Moon Knight. Car Aux Côtés du Chevalier de la Lune incarné by Oscar Isaac, this battue, in the final, Scarlet Scarab !! Who? Attention spoilers!

In reality, the agility of Layla El-Faouly, the wife of Marc Spector, who is in the presence of the superpowers of the part of Taouert, when she accepted the adventure of the hippo’s avatar. In the series, he was not able to find his official name in the series, but Marvel confirmed a little more than the fact that El-Faouly was officially born in Scarlet Scarab, the premier super-heroic duo. Are you waiting? To the best of Faucon! She is a little overwhelmed, she is protected from her eyes, she has more power and one surname.

“All words, I have the intention to thank the authors who created the idea that Layla is an Egyptian“, a comment to the implementer Mohamed Diab, également égyptien, dans Variety.”Lorsque je suis arrivé sur la série avec ma femme, nous avons aidé à développer le personnage en tant qu’Egyptiens. Lorsque l’atrice May Calamawy is arriving, she is going to the big grand alley of Layla. He chose the most important thing for us, not only the idea of ​​a super-heroine, but the idea of ​​making the opposite of the absolute clichés of the Arab woman, including or failing. I realized three films: the women in my films are completely ferocious and strong – like my mother, my sister, my mother and my daughter! “

Ainsi, Scarlet Scarab is one “super-heroine historique! Nous savions que cela allait être historique. Ma fille, quand elle avait cinq ans, voulait absolument se lisser les cheveux. J’ai du l’emmener à Disneyland et requireer aux an princesses de lux ses cheveux étaient magnifiques Come on, this is the one who has never been able to see the people who are going to live together. ‘is very important. Moon Knight is a national nation in Egypt. Gens le traitent comme la la “panthère noire” egyptienne. I adorent que derrière la chamber, il y ait des Égyptiens; in front of the chamber, in the Egyptians. It is the Egyptian music that the world has to offer. The croissant is in his hands. I want to be able to do everything right now. I am very much for you ».

Marvel Comics

It doesn’t matter what comics, Layle doesn’t really exist. This is a variant of his father, Abdullah El-Faouly in the series, who is the man who wants the mask. The incarnation of Scarlet Scarab is different, a port of red scarlet and a representative of the Captain America variety of Egypt in the Second World War. The acquis communautaire of trawlers to traverse Ruby’s scarab, an ancient artifact that was made by the first protector of Egypt.

Honnêtement, ce n’est pas moi qui ait fait lien entre Layla et Scarlet Scarab. Parfois, Marvel choisit un nom et le donne ensuite au personage qui est developé [pour la série]. Nous, on a créé Layla sans penser à tout cela … Le nom pour moi n’est pas important. What is represented is what is more important. How seriously do you hate liking when you have an avatar in a MCU suite? Va-t-elle l’acceptter? What do you want to do with it?

Maintenant qu’elle est officiellement introduite, na imaginie sebe Scarlet Scarab repointera le bout de ses ailes, un jour, dans le Marvel Universe.

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