Cœur des Sucs, the commercial showcase of the Community of the Communities of Sucs, opened in December. She is destined to promote the economics of the local economy to help consumers consume products and quality services. After several months of experimenting with a company, Évelyne Bayet, 1re vice-president of the commune Suks and Maxim Le Hevel, responsible number, prime minister.

Objectif: 200 enterprises

“The official lance is going on in my hands. We also have a department with a small number of companies. Aujourd’hui, Elles are soixante présentes sur le site. We are ready to accept more: we have to pay 200, explicitly Evelyn Bayet. We have the opportunity to visit the business associations of Issingeaux and Retournac. »

This service is offered free of charge to merchants, artisans, liberal professions and farmers who have a point of sale or who offers a service on the territory. “We have already opened these showcases to all those who have chosen to sell. We have the opportunity to talk about this project before the first confinement, the events of the boost. »

Very quickly, they are responsible for being on a “showcase” site, which can evolve and live on animations and play a fidelity card. “We have received the help of an outsider, all of them are in the same level on the site. Maxime is for the help to create a beautiful page. »

Give me a nice look for people who have this help

Avant de lancer le site, une grande etude de terrain avait éte faite sur les commerces des center-bourgs de la Communauté de communes. “We have already found a business center that asks the question: what do you mean?” Our aircraft are sold in the line of sale as a record of at least 80% of interrogative people who do not want to be able to speak. Elle avaient goûté à la chose avec le premier confinement mais ne souhaitaient surtout pas se retrouver amballeurs de colis. Human contact is the original for our business. Our real demand is to be present and visible on the Internet. For lack of time or to enjoy, beaucoup d’enprises on besoin d’être accompagnées. Celles que nous avons aidées ont connu une belle réussite. »

Discover the showcase: https://www.coeur-des-sucs.fr/ Reviews for professions: numerique@cc-des-sucs.fr or Maxime Le Guevel at

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