C’est la dernière ligne droite avant l’ouverture officielle du nouveau domaine VTT enduro du massif du Lizieux. Association Ride in Yssingeaux organizes, lesanches 15 et 22 mai, deux journées Shape & Ride (façonner et rouler).

In the frame of a European challenge

He played for the vététistes d’entretenir l’ensemble des pistes après l’hiver, puis de roller tous ensemble. These two journeys are now in the frame of the European challenge Take Care Of Your Trails (before you feel your feelings), which is ambitious to disassemble the big number of possible people in the chacun des pays participant in the operation for the operation and others. de Sentiers.

These journals are open to all people who want to be a member of the association, passionate or simple amateurs of VTT and nature. The material should be limited to, if possible, a load.

Premiere in September

For the benefit of the two-year-olds, in good faith, in agreement with the Syndicate of Lizieux, the management of the site, and in partnership with the Haut-Lignon Tourist Office, to create a field of play for all children, who roll in front.

He worked as an important consistency in deburring and changing the beds. This realization is in the frame of the tourist attraction of Lizieux, which is currently in the final stages.

September 4, 2022, trip to Yssingeaux Organized by Prime Minister Randuro du Lisieux. It offers a choice of three parks, an easy one for families and newcomers, a moyen for all those who want to do more than who can only have the jambes or the level of technology and a few costly parks and the enduro format. .

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