France condemns the decision of the Israeli authorities to authorize the establishment of Israeli colonists in Homesh, in the north of the Cisjordanie occupée. This decision is contraire au droit international et contravenient par ailleurs aux engagements pris par Israel à l’occasion des réunions d’Aqaba et de Sharm el-Sheikh. France appeals to the Israeli government to return to this decision.

France also expresses its concern after the second provocative visit of the Israeli Minister of National Security on the Esplanade des Mosques on May 21. France recalls the need to preserve the historic status quo on the Saints in Jerusalem and highlights the importance of the specific role of Jordan in this regard.

France appeals again to all actors to refrain from unilateral measures or provocations of nature to fuel tensions and violence, especially in civil encounters. As the Minister reminded his German, Jordanian and Egyptian counterparts on May 11 in Berlin, it is urgent to restore a credible political horizon to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two-state solution, the only solution qui permette d’apporter une paix juste et durable entre Israeliens et Palestiniens.