Jean-Claude Gaudin, the mayor of Marseille, is in condominiums in Paris at six o’clock in prison. It is condomnée après après avoir tardé à mettre un terme à un système généralisé d’heures supplémentaires indument accordées aux municipaux, sans travail effectif. With his cabinet director, who also had other responsibilities from the administration and the former director of Samu social, he was able to “dispense with public funds for negligence”, in the frame of a PNF survey in 2017 , after a first survey of the parquet floor of Marseille.

In detail, the right of justice should not be taken into account (badgeuses, control service, etc.), between December 2013 and April 2018, for a term in general terms of general practices in one of its services municipia, d’éures supplémentaires accordées mensuellement, sans travail effectif réalisé, en violation of the right of work.

A lack of 10 million euros per year

“Oui, j’ai été négligent et je ne me suis pas interesé assez au fonctionnement interne des choses”, a déclaré l’ancien maire de Marseille (à la tête de la ville entre 1995 et 2020, visioconfére ‘, en une public de plaider-coupable before the 32nd chamber of the correctional tribunal. ) de cette ville de quelque 870 000 habitants, environemploie 12 000 agentov.

In a report from 2013, the regional chamber of accounts evaluated the lack of a system of 10 million euros per year for the municipal budget, with 280 full-time equivalents. “Social assistance is my most important tool. Quand vous avez des grèves, ça coute encore plus cher aux finances de la ville », a pointé l’ancien maire, âgé de 82 ans, également condamné à ayer 10 000 eura d’amende.

Pas d’richissement staff

To justify the proposal proposed by PNF, the prosecutor, Sebastian de La Touanne, to cover the “context” that “preexists” in the arrests of Jean-Claude Gaudin, and to agree with the preventions of preventions and staff at enrichment. The survey was born in the period 2013-2018 in the raison d’être of the prescription of one part, and the premieres “measures that will translate a volunteer to do the right thing to do” will be held by the municipal council of the other part 18.

The PNF initially cites the precedent of a correctional tribunal in a classical audit. However, for some reason, we have received a compulsion for unrecognizable reconnaissance (CRPC), which is based on an agreement between the parquet floor and the help of an infraction, which can be reconciled. On the fabric of the audience, the south Benedict de Perthuis a homologue of the peine.