8:58 a.m.: Sandryn Rousseau dismissed by EELV Paris militants for the legislators

Environmentalists organize local reunion groups for legitimacy selections before being announced on the basis of distributed investments. In the 9th Circonscription of Paris, Sandrine Rousseau is at the forefront of the competition for the most obsessed with what she wants to do against Claire Monod, she is a candidate in the 2017 sector, she will fill in with Wilfried Betourne, adjointcinnaur and duire au13e Soury la maire de Paris, selon le JDD. Ces votes ne sont toutefois que consultatifs et la la Commission permanente elelectorale (CPE) d’EELV, qui tranchera la question, tient aussi compte «de la realité nationale» dakladnye un cadre du parti.

8:45 a.m.: Jean-Pierre Raffarin pimp Macron

The Prime Minister also announced the announcement of the LCI that “Emperor” Macman was a candidate for re-election and that he would be the head of the State of Assortment, which is a tremendous time, but also the “commitment” of Pécresserie. “I want to build a family policy with Horizons and Edouard Philippe to extend the majority of Emmanuel Macron and constitute a court of convictions, which is the center of law,” said Jean-Pierre Rapharen.

08:04: “Messenger of the Arms of Ukraine, c’est la plus grosse bêtise”, denounce Dupont-Enyan

The candidate for the Debut of France set the European strategy for the delivery of weapons to Ukraine to help him face the invasion of Russia. “C’est la plus grosse bêtise qu’on est en train de faire, assène Nicolas Dupont-Aignan sur le plateau de France 2. Parce qu’au même moment, on demande un cessez-le-feu. Poutine ne va pas arrêter les hostilités si au même moment on envoie des armes. Deuxièment, na Envoie pas des armes sans combattre. C’est envoyer les Ukrainiens à la mort. This is a Hyperrisia without name. »

7:42: A train parade of the “parachute reserve” of Bayrou on the park Le Pen, Zemmour or Mélenchon

Selon RTL, the “bank of parrainages” of the Maire de Pau, created to help the candidates for the legitimacy to collect 500 signatures of the following cases to be presented, and to register with the Marine Le Pen d’en diine. Эрік Зэммур ан Aurait said 14 and Jean-Luc Mélenchon 5 probe to accept the signatures.

7:07 a.m .: Christian Taubiri from Exprime at 12 p.m.

It remains a little more than two days ago for Christiane Taubira to recruit 500 parachutes and also be able to present herself at the presidential election. Mission impossible pour l’ancienne garde des Sceaux? Selon l’un de ses proches, elle devrait annoncer son retrait au cours d’une declaration devant la presse à 12h ce mercredi.

7:05: La butoir approche pour Macron

For Emmanuel Macron, the time is high. The rest of the plus plus two days of the president’s assortment to be presented at the presidential election. It is absolutely open to the Constitutional Council before 6 pm, indicating that it is consistent with the candidacy. Le chef de l’Etat pourrait officialiser sa candidature à l’accasion d’une intervention dans un televévisé.

And with the consent of the adversary, the adversaries are at least some of the contractors of the “boxer in the video” and create what the international position does not mean the necessary national debates of the presidency. In the face of these inquiries, the executive is a racist, soulignant mettre “all in love for what the campaign has to do as normally as possible”.

7:03: Marine Le Pen visits the Salon of Agriculture

Passage obligated by the pretenders of the Elysee, the Salon de l’agriculture accueillera ce mercredi matin la candida du Rassemblement national. Coming at 9:45 a.m., Marine Le Pen will arrive to attend the detailed program “Today in the World”.

The President of the RN also intends to sort out agricultural crops of free trade and to intervene in the State in the fixation of the price of agricultural products. She also brought a particular focus “on elevation, on the production of vegetable proteins, in marrakech and in arboriculture”.

7:01: The political invitations

RMC – 07H40: Hubert Vedrine, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

RFI – 08H30: Jean-François Cope, Mayor L.R. de Mo and special adviser Valerie Pecres

SUD RADIO – 08H15: Natalie Luazo, MEP, member of the Renaissance delegation, President of the Committee on the Protection and Defense of the European Parliament

7 o’clock: Welcome to the direct conference on political news and the campaign in the view of the presidential election of 2022.