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The President of the United States has announced, thanks, the place in the place of an aerial point and the recourses to give them a warm war to come to the penitentiary for a baby who lives in the United States.

The name of the operation: “Fly Formula”, literally in French “Envol du lait en uspre”. President Joe Biden has announced that on May 18, May 18, the day of his visit to the air and the recourses to a date of war with the cold to respond to the penitentiary of the laity for babies and unise- This is a political policy for son Administration.

The Ministry of Defense “uses its contracts with the companies of the French commercial airlines, as the leader of the Pavid pandemic of Covid-19, for transporting the products proven by our satifanger to the Norms of American project, based on the White House in a community. .

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Priority of production units

Joe Biden also made an appeal to the “Defense Production Act”, the text of the Heritage War, as well as the excuse of the producers of incidental producers of infantile production who live in the priority of the manufacturers of this problem in priority. fabricators de cette de denréxablee in parents young children.

“Demander aux entreprises de prioriser et d’affecter (leurs resources) à la production des ingrédients clés du lait pour bébé facilitera l’accroissement de la production et accelelera les les chaínes d’approvisionnement”, Souligne Blanche la Maison.

Initially, the cause of the problems with these apprenticeships and a lack of money in the reason for the pandemic, baby food for babies and this aggravated fruit on the farm, the meat in Michigan, after a fight produce suppositions of provoking the death of two nurses.

The American Medicines Agency (FDA) is fine to dedicate itself to the law, but it is a good idea to visit the world to quit Abbott pass an agreement with American justice and to redeem the production of this product.

“Also see how possible”

This pension is very rare, but it is essential to produce a mother-in-law’s turn to the political crisis for a democratic president, very critical of the republican opposition.

Joe Biden, a member of the Council, is in charge of the problem of filling the list of popularity in the six months of my parliamentary elections, and also address a letter, thank you, to the Ministers of Health and Agriculture. .

“Je dema vous demande de prendre toutes les mesures possibles et appropriées pour importa davantage de lait pour babe”, leur écrit-il a propos de l’operation “Fly Formula”, notant au passage que les napors de son Administration pour relancer la production après Michigan’s mouthpiece on the basis of production “plus the baby for the baby in April after the rappell” des lots mis en reason.

The Minister of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, immediately responded to a communication that communes to the services “immediately” in the presence of the directives of the President and the Ministry of Agriculture.


The Nestlé alimentary group, which has two states at the United States for the production of infantry, avait déjà annoncé, mardi, has the intention to increase the quantity of products produced by the United States of America and the states of the United States. Pace Bass.

Selon le dataniser de données Datasembly, le taux de rupture de stock de preparations de lait pour nourrissons avait atteint 43% à la fin de la semaine dernière aux États-Unis.

For the protection of families, the motherhood is a necessity, in particular in the foyers of fashion and mammoths, contraintes de reprerenre le travail immédiatement après l’accouchement, ne peuvent pas allaiter. At the end of the day there is help in the house of the price.

His children are visible on social issues, and his publications include the most important millionaires of their parents to make their own food for babies – who, as a pediatrician, do not risk falling asleep.

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