Mme Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, Secretary of State for the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Chargé du Développement, de la Francophonie, and International Partnerships, received her Jordanian counterpart, Mme Zeina Toukan, Minister of Planning and Coopération internationale du Royaume hachémite de Jordanie.

Mme Zacharopoulou and Mme Toukan have affirmed their intention to strengthen cooperation between France and Jordan in many areas, including access to water and sanitation, the fight against climate change and support for social cohesion. et à l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes. The Secretary of State and his counterpart have signed a declaration of intent to support Franco-Jordanian cooperation in development matters, and France, through the French Development Agency (AFD), is renewing its support for Jordan for le financement de politiques publiques, d’infrastructures et de jets prioritaires pour le pays sur la période 2023-2026.

France and Jordan have a long-standing partnership based on a relationship of trust and friendship, as underlined by the President of the Republic with King Abdallah II during his visit to Jordan on December 20 and 21, 2022. . France and Jordan maintain close coordination on regional crises and work together in favor of their resolution, including within the framework of the Baghdad Conference, of which Jordan hosted the second edition on December 20, 2022. Minister Catherine Colonna a également eu l’occasion de l’evoquer avec his Jordanian counterpart, M. Ayman Safadi, lors de la Conférence de Munich sur la Sécurité le mois dernier.

Mme Chrysoula Zacharopoulou recalled that France stood by Jordan, whose stability is essential in a troubled regional and international environment. Mme Zacharopoulou also saluted the generosity shown by Jordan in welcoming Palestinian refugees and Syrians to its territory, and recalled the support of France and the Kingdom of God in this regard.